Monday, October 7, 2013

The Board Room

I think these were my favorite boards at the show!

After cohosting a surprise birthday party for my dear friend Susan the night before and coming Home after being gone a week and trying to get my house in order..I was a bit exhausted the day Of the board room show... Which bums me out  a bit because i think I would have enjoyed it more if I had more energy !

I also was hoping it be a little bigger ... There is so much more they can add to this trade show ... Oh the possibilities !! But really it's about the boards! And there were some cool ones ... Some classic ones ... New ones... Oddly shaped ones... And some very beautiful wood ones... And etc etc..
 I have to say my friend Todd from Art in Motion has the best and most interesting set up.. He had his painted van In there with blue mannequins on top and his van surrounded by boards... His lovely lady Renata was there too and thanks to them .. Let's just say I got a little entry discount ;-)!
I was with a handful of friends ... Kept running into people I knew ..." Surfing community seems small at times."
And saw and spoke with 2 amazing legends and honored to say acquaintances of mine Linda Benson and  Robert August! 
Bought a bracelet and my friend Laurie helped me with some earrings I really liked.. Got a lot of stickers and other free swag like hats, a bag ,some fin keys... That was cool!
There were shapers shaping and glassers glassing and a guy shaped a foam blank out of a block of foam.. Very cool!

Can't forget to mention our home break's very own Dano gave a cool bluesy musical performance on the center stage...

But one of my favorite yet short but sweet things about this was seeing my dear friend Valerie from Mere-Made surfboards!! And Believe it or not I dont think we have a good picture together :-( 
I have one with her and Linda Benson.. And the three of us in Linda's booth. But none of us :-(!
I hope next year she has a display and booth!! I will help if need be :-D!!!

I had a fun time with fun people surrounded by what I love ...surfing!

Here is just a handful of pix:-)...

The above pictures are my favorite display booths!

Dano doing his thing... Well his other thing besides shaping and surfing .
Laurie and I enjoying the show ... Yeah i know looks like I'm calling someone out to take them down ;-)!

Vanessa and Robert August and I !
Two of my favorite gals from Encinitas ! The one and only Linda Benson and Mo's creator and dear friend Valerie of Mere-Made Surfboards!
Just a couple surf girls chatting :-)
One of Todd's from Art in Motion was up for Best in Show!
Oh yeah a surfboard after my own heart!
The Art work was cool on this blue board.. But the tail intrigued me!

Well that's all folks!! Hope to see you all there next year.. And Valerie!! Let's get Mere-Made surfboards a booth!!!