Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let the Stay-Cation Begin

OK well I have been off my "stay-cation" now for 3 days..and am just now getting around to blogging about it.. I will post in sections so it is not too Long. I will also try to keep my stories brief =)
SO Lets Start with Last Thursday...
Last Thursday Day one of my "stay-cation" I was fortunate enough to stay 4 days and three nights with a very generous friend at her Beach House in Sunset Beach..She lives on a little Island in a very unique multi story home. That alone makes it cool.

So first thing first I am packed and drive down to start my first day meeting friends in the after noon for my first Surf of the 7 days off of work. Well it was noon and we meet at Blackies..Surf was a bit weird. Bigger than I anticipated..but a bit rough and closing out too. BUT still surfable.. SO I thought.

I was so stoked to see my friend Bobby there. He went out while I was waiting for my friends and I watched him put on quite a show out there. He is such a good surfer!

Then my other friends showed up and we headed out.

Well I caught 1 wave.. not very exciting.. but hey it is a ride.. and I had 4 wipe outs. One I hit my head on the bottom of the ocean floor. Yeah.. um ouch.. Another apparently my friend said my board went all Tombstone..and yet another.. my board hit me in the head..but not hard..And one I almost knocked my friend off his board REALLY!! Then I was just getting beat up right and left trying to get outside. The White wash kept pounding my abs, as I was trying to walk my board out.. IS that considered an ab workout? I am sorry but I don't call that a good day surfing! Especially since I was starting my vacation. ugggh.

OH so we are out for about 2 hours? I am done, and I was over getting beat up. I cleaned up my board at the shower.. walked to the Tahoe, unzip my wetsuit..and My Key to my Tahoe is missing.. ARE YOU Freaking kidding me!!?? REALLY!!!??? So I did my first key sacrifice to mother Ocean. GREAT!

Well everything I phone,towels,shoes,clothes..extra clothes since I am packed to stay awhile are all locked in my Tahoe.
I don't even know my husband Cell phone number!He is the only one with our one and only other key to the Tahoe. So I had to use my friends phone,I called his work (which my friend looked up on her I phone, Thank you smart phones). ASK for his Cell phone #.. THEN wait for him to respond after I left messages.He did and then he had to drive down with the extra key 37 miles..But he did not complain once.. WHICH I was expecting him too, so that was a nice surprise. SO while we wait, My friend Tracy goes.. "Let me get you a Beer!" I am all umm??? I have no clothes I have a bikini a wetsuit and no shoes.

So Tracy has a pair of her husbands board shorts and shirt..(mismatched of course, LOL) and buys me a pair of cheap, but cute flip flops from a little store.

We went to Mutt Lynches..(I am sure they thought I was a homeless person) HA!. We shared Nachos and I had a BIG schooner of beer! I think I needed it!

Hubs came dropped off key and left. Said Goodbye and Thank You to Tracy and headed to Lauries.

Cleaned up, waited for her to get home

..added my surfboard to her quiver, Tallulah looked good with other boards.

Hung out with her really cool Dog Otto..

I really wanted to watch the sunsets while I was out there. After ALL it is called Sunset Beach! So I rushed out to the shoreline, but found out I just missed it. OH well it was still nice!

When she got home, we headed out to a jewelry party at her friends. It was an enjoyable relaxing evening, her friends were all so nice. We drank wine, nibbled on finger food, browsed jewelry. She bought some cute earings. Headed back home.. well her home my temp home for a few days...had another glass of wine..& some much needed girl talk. Sometimes woman are the only ones who really get it when you need to talk. Then it was after midnight. WAY past my bed time. Plus poor Laurie she had to get up and go to work the next day. I do want to point out her guest room has the MOST comfortable futon I have ever slept on! I was actually wondering if it was really a futon. Usually my back hurts on them.. but I slept like a baby all three nights!

Got up the next morning. STILL woke up at 6:30 because that is what time my internal alarm clock is set to. UGG. Can't even sleep in on my vacation. My head was hurting a bit. I was trying to figure out if it was the wine,Staying up late, or the hitting of head on sea bottom, or when my surfboard hit me on my head.. or all of the above. ALL I know the rest of the day I had a lot of ibuprofen to get me through it. I was not drunk or anything..but if I have more than 2 glasses of wine..I always get a bit of a headache...and I had a little bit more than 2 and a BIG beer that day. HA!

I went to Jack in the box got a quickie much needed fast food breakfast and coffee. Sat at the beach ate and enjoyed my view.

Also right after breakfast, went and got(extra)keys made at Home Depot in HB..and I have to say enjoyed my view there too! The guys who helped me were all very helpful and looked like surfers. I was wow the guys at my Home Depot don't look like that.. I may be traveling for my DIY supplies from now on.

I think this is good for the first post so, Day 2 of my StayCation will be continued.... Stay tuned!'