Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saturday Continues.....

So after my surf session. I cleaned up my friends house and headed to Long Beach.
A group of us planned to attend the 7th Wave Surf Shop opening in Long Beach!

I'm not sure exactly who the owners are... But I believe one of them is this awesome woman named Debi who we met that night.
The surf shop is a cool lil hole in the wall shop.. As Surf shops should be!
So I suggest if your in Long Beach stop in and support a local shop! I wish them lots of success!
The opening was fun with live music... DJ ..Food.. Beer... And a few vendors and a raffle!
As for the Beer I had Primo for the first time and I am hooked!! And now I can't find it anywhere!!!!!! Um I had a few Primos ... On top of a few glasses of wine prior to the opening... So I was feeling good not obnoxious out of control good.. But silly having a fun time happy good...and we will get to that in a minute ;-)

I ended up going to the opening because of Kim Hamrock. My friend Tracy invited us..

I first heard of Kim when I started following her Danger Woman Blog!

She is a pro surfer, artist and plays ukulele and guitar... She performed that evening! She has an interesting back ground.. You should look her up online :-).
It was so awesome to meet her.

Somehow during this event someone said we should get tattoos .. It was Tracy, Laurie and I.. We decided we should all get waves!
We ended up back at Tracy's and started looking up tattoo parlors ... Oh and Kim's daughter Margeux .. who just so happen to be the DJ that night ..recommended Port Tattoo in LB ...
Poor Surf Sista got the phone call from a bit "buzzed" surfing grandma.. Lol I was saying.. Surf Sista has a wave tattoo we should call her!! So I did!!!Lol... Love you Surf Sista and thanks for your patience!! She just laughed and said good luck!

So we head to Port Tattoo at about 9:00sh?? AND THEY WERE CLOSED!!!! What Tattoo parlor closes at 8:00 PM on a Saturday??? Really?????!!!!

We tried to call other Tattoo parlors... But that was a fail:-(

So we decided we needed food went to Denny's ... Sat down looked at menus and all decided nope nothing here we want and ended up at Taco Bell!!
We were reading the taco sauces and could not stop laughing ... Tracy called them mocko sauce ... Because Laurie said they were mocking our failed mission!

So we close down Taco Bell ... They seriously started locking the doors while we were there and we found that hysterically funny too!

We ended up back at Tracy's and yes I spent the night ... So that was our night Living Large in the LBC!!
All that and in bed by 10:00 PM!!

Woke up the next morning to the sound of Parrots !!! Did not know where I was!! Thought I was in Florida at my sisters or somewhere tropical!! Then opened my eyes... Nope it's Long Beach!

Here are just a few pix from that night. I was so Happy Kim took a pix with me!