Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HB & 1 Right

Basically that was my whole 20 minutes in the water today.

Met my friend Laura, South side of pier. Of course my luck drive all the way out there and the wind picks up...boo!

Laura was having difficulties and for her to be in that position I know it's yucky conditions! But I did take a shoulder and got a nice right...bumpy as all heck but eventually stood up and enjoyed the ride!

As I was paddling back out I see Laura perfectly position and pop up and that wave pitched her head first with the board coming down right on top of her! I was cringing!!! Whew, she is OK!!! After that she said ok time to go In..and If "Miss Trestles" says its time to go in.... Damn straight I'm right behind her!

After that she went to meet a friend for a bike ride and I was invited but, I went beach combing for sea glass!

Then decided to finally use a gift certificate I got for Christmas from Victory Koredry.. I got two rash guards for $50.. A short sleeve and a long sleeve.They really cater to the SUP Crowd, but the guys were chill product looks good for the price... So I say check them out.. Warehouse is located in HB.., website is victorykoredry.com

And looks like I should be surfing thurs.-sun woo hoooo!