Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My daughter use to LOVE Rocket Powers on Nickelodeon! So when I think of Shoobies I think of this Rocket Power Episode. I was such a shoobie this weekend.. AND this weekend, I believe is the official start of Shoobie season..Everyone should be able to enjoy the beach ...I guess..BUT I PICKED UP MY GARBAGE AND THEN SOME!! Unlike a lot of Shoobies!

Well I had 3 days off, like much of America ..and you would think I would take advantage of one of those days to go and surf. BUT it was a Holiday Weekend..so strike one... My daughters birthday weekend.. strike two(however did spend a whole day at the beach)... Got sunburned to a crisp on Sat.... Strike three!

My Weekend....Sat. a few surf friends went to Doho and said it was not so great..and I really heard nothing good about anywhere else. Windblown and jumbled basically. SO I am happy I did not miss much. I did spend All day at Huntington Beach by the Pier being a Shoobie... HA! My daughters 14th B-day celebration, She wanted to go to the beach along with 6 of her closest friends. YES me and 7 teenagers.. and no surfing. AND I was a tad under the weather due to the whole bottle of wine I drank the night before.Do the math, no surf, SEVEN teens, and a bit hungover... SO yep, fun times. Glad to be able to crash at the beach. EVEN though every hour I was the one yelling everyone touch up their sunscreen, I apparently missed my whole upper back legs. I was sitting while putting sun screen on..AND the leg part that was on the chair did not get much attention, I guess I kept forgetting that area. BECAUSE it is Tuesday and I am still not feeling so great.

Sunday... windy and raining and yucky.. WHAT HAPPEN TO THIS WEEKEND BEING THE UNOFFICIAL BEGINNING OF SUMMER??? Maybe Mother Nature was trying to tell us, technically it is still Spring and we should not forget it? Whatever... could not surf anyway due to the fact I tried to cook my legs! So I was not too upset about the weather, made me feel less guilty about not being able to get out.. However..The weather was so bad, my husband the "Sport Fishing Captain/Deckhand" had to come home from work. WE were really counting on good "Holiday money" too, So boooooo to the weather for more reasons than one.

Monday.. seemed like a good day.. I had a few decent, NOT great but decent, surf reports from friends..but nothing fantastic!! I would have gone out..BUT putting on a wetsuit with my lobster legs did not sound enticing.. SO three days off and no surf!!! I need to surf soon, I hate losing my mojo! Maybe tomorrow or Thursday. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Sunburn fades enough to put wetsuit on, and surf looks decent so far, it should stay that way..and hopefully I will have enough gas money too! Mama needs a surf session!