Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This is the Crowd when Kelly entered the water...
View to the left!
View to the right!

Yes I braved the last day of the US Open.. it is always the most crowded and craziest day. I am so glad they also decided to NOT have concerts on that day like previously. It Was Crazy crowded when Weezer played during the last day a few years back...Not only could you not was so crowded it was hard to breath. UGGH! NOT ENJOYABLE!

I swore I would not ever go through that again. AND in All honesty..this year was not nearly as bad.

I have to say out of ALL my trips to the US Open...Day 4 of this year was my favorite.. see previous blog posts.

HOWEVER.. some pretty cool things happened on this day.

For one.. I was mere feet away from Kelly Slater in just a red towel.. NOTHING ELSE BUT A TOWEL.. OHHHHH my!!

I was chatting with Alain's(From AB Surfboard Repair..again read previous post) beautiful and amazing girl friend Lisa at the pros entrance when he appeared in just a towel. My hubs said there is Kelly Slater and I said, no I dont think that is him... see he walked by in another color rashguard than what he was just in, and I only saw the back of him... He wore a red rash guard or Jersey when he surfed against Dane Reynolds and changed into a blue one when he surfed against Miguel I guess he was just trying it on for size.. because...

...... HE only moments later reappeared in just a towel. I was prob hypnotized when I realized I should get a pix.. by the time I got the camera on my I phone up and ready.. HE WAS GONE!

Oh and Yes I FINALLY was able to meet Lisa... she is such a doll and her and Alain were hobknobbing with all the pros and their familys in the VIP area.. because they were and are V I P's..

I got my hair cut at the Paul Mitchell booth for $15 and the money all goes to Life rolls on.. A great charity check them out here if you are not familiar with

Also the high-lite of the day(besides the winners) was when Kelly Slater was surfing and shot the pier and went to the North Side and totally dropped in on an unsuspecting surfer..THAT was priceless. CAN you imagine that surfer and the amazing story he has to tell for a lifetime !!!

Hubs was Happy he got pix with the "Fox" Girls.. but he thought they were the Roxy Girls. LOL..Our Friend Donald is on the left and hubs is the one a little too excited on the right.. Plus I had to let hubs have some eye candy.. only days before I had Rob Machado, Sunny Garcia and Brett Simpson. LOL

Also right before this picture a super cute lil old cute asian lady asked if we could take her pix with them as well. I thought how fricken cute is she!!

Well other than that the Brazilians were crazy and sat behind us on the Beach.. because they had Miguel Pupo and Gabriel Medina in the Finals. Seriously though I thought for Sure Miguel was gonna take the US Open..HE was so Amazing!

But if you don't already know Julian Wilson and Lakey Peterson won the US OPEN..A big congrats to them!
My I phone died.. so I did not get any further pix.,... AND I really wanted to get some when Lakey and Julian won... BUMMER.. oh and I really wanted a pix with Rockin me crazy..but I was so impressed with him.

That is all...