Friday, May 25, 2012

Blogging from my Blackberry

Well I have to blog from my Blackberry...which I will have to surrender at the end of the month.
I am technically out of work but am on call so to say till May 31st. I have not computer access.My laptop died..but hopefully its just a battery or powercord issue.

OK with my age and eyesight this Blackberry typing is tough.

Any way my blogs will be few and far between till I can get my laptop fixed or another job that allows me to blog ;-)..

Just want to say Day 2 of my "unemploymment" I got out to surf. Went to Bolsa..was a bitch to paddleout...I
I did lots of paddling and got no friend Rebecca was with me and felt the same. We both caught and shared 1 wave and were out for an hour. I had one wipeout..and that was that. Rebecca went to work..I stayed in my wet wetsuit and drove to Blackies! I still wanted to surf and wanted something more forgiving!!

I Really can barely see these words..I hope my typing is not terrible!
Any way..went to Blackies..smaller should have been fun...but I just was so off or something..any way another hour there..and I think I caught 1 ride..Nothing eventful at all! My left shoulder is still acting up..and the paddling like a hamster on a wheel at Bolsa..just wore it out!! But Two Breaks an hour each!! Still counts.

At least I got wet! The water and weather were warm. So no complaints..I'm gonna try to post some pictures of Blackies and a nice shot from the pier..sort of a view from the otherside..The top picture is Bolsa..but the picture does not do it justice..there were shoulder to head high sets..and it was really like a washing machine..

However looking forwward to Sunday!! Surfing San O and its our surfs club "KICK OFF SUMMER" Party..I will try to blog about that too.

Any way..don't worry if you don't see blogs from me..It will only be temporary! If ya need me..send an E
I hope this works :)