Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Bolsa Best!!

Ok someone feel the ground and see if Hell  is freezing over!!! Did I just type "My Bolsa Best???"
Yes!!! Yes I did!!

It all started last night at a party we were invited to with a bunch of different surf crews!

Soooooo much fun!! A lot of talk about surfing the next day.. 

Hubs and I had a LOT to drink  and at this point decided we can not drive the 34 miles home.. So I'm bummed I don't have a wet suit.. Bathing suit... Surfboard!!

I have THE BEST friends in the world within 5 minutes plans were made where hubs and I each had that all covered for surfing the next day!
I could talk more about the party... But this is a surf blog ... But I will  tell you the party ended with 2 women being one ...and our host Susan  in our late 40's skating long boards down a street after midnight!! Yes it was a fun night!! 
However I don't know if her neighbors were thrilled.. we were a tad loud laughing and talking!!

So next day we wake up!! I get a text from Laurie asking If we r surfing and if she needs to leave the wetsuit out ... I say let's see everyone is sleeping ... I will get back to you..
Everyone being me ,my hubs and Susan the hostess of the party!! 

Brian decides we need to get home not sure if our animals were fed last night my kids are not answering the phone... 
But they were there and took care of the Animals... We find this out later ...all is good!

We go see if Susan is awake.. And knock on her door ..She could barely talk .. She lost her voice and looked pretty hung over.. But she said oh let's surf!!
I really want to surf and Susan wants me to surf .. So we devise a plan... Hubs didnt really want to surf so he takes her truck and drives home and we go to Bolsa!

First I need a bathing suit so we "Frankenstein" a suit for me and a rash guard! I get to use Susans 8'0 single know the one with the green and blue polka dots!! I posted pix of it in the past.

We get to Bolsa and Susan, Irma and Val and I meet at T16... But first we have to go to another tower ... where Laurie and Greg are to get the wet suit im borrowing..

They say they are gonna leave it in the back of the Truck... Now i have only seen Gregs truck one time and the first big white truck we see .. Has a surfboard ... Chairs set around it and a cooler in the bed... Im scouring  through everything and no wetsuit... And Susan goes hey there is another big white truck over there  looks exactly like the one im going through!! and I see Lauries board stand!! OMG I was going through someone elses truck!!! I'm so sorry if you read this blog!! We started laughing ... Can you imagine???

So we get the suit and drive Ti south side  of Bolsa where we are meeting everyone..
It's a spring suit... We all hit the water of slow rolling maybe 3' at the most waves and the water is Cooooold! 

But after paddling and catching a few nice rides ... I warm up!

So I caught so many waves today!! I was on fire !! I even outsurfed my friends!! Which NEVER happens!!

One wave was fricken hysterical and I'm gonna do my best to describe this...

I'm paddling back outside and a wave closes out on me ... I think or thought I could push through it... But I was wrong ... That wave had other ideas!!! AND...the wave pushed back taking me in... I'm sitting on my board like a horse backwards headed to the beach.. and my board spins around and i still have a ways to go so...I stand up and rode it the rest of the way to shore!! Where is video when you need it!?!? I still have no idea how that happen? 

I got wave after wave after wave ... Rights and lefts!! 

As for wild life ... Besides us crazy awesome gals in the water!! I saw more in one day then I ever have!

First sitting outside I see this thing moving below me!! It's a big black shadow but it's on the sand bottom and it's sort of round!! My guess "as it went out towards the sea between me and Val"..  Is it must've been a really big ray of sorts!! It was at least the size of a semi truck tire!!

Then as I took another wave in .. and I get off my board and in about 1' of water I see this gray fish swim by my knee and it's a shark!!! It's a small shark about 14"-16" long ...a little sand type shark !! 

On another trip in I see the fisherman with said little shark caught and on shore and they released him! I'm just a few feet away from all this!!

My friends are a bit freaked out about the shark.. But I'm telling them it was such a little shark... The conversation went:..
they have teeth and can still bite our feet .. I said there are a lot of fish bigger than the  little shark out here with teeth that can bite  our feet ... Lol.. Then they were convinced the shark must be angry swimming back out here after being catched and released... I joked yes and it's comming out to take its revenge towards the fisherman on us surfers!! Lol

Then there was a nice size pod of dolphins swimming and frolicking right in the line up and in the pod were 2 babies .. So precious!! All the surfers paddled close and just were in awe!! I kept saying be careful those dolphins will protect the babies don't get too close!! But it was soooo magical and beautiful!! One dolphin stopped peaked his head out and looked at us ... Second time I seen this happen while surfing! 
He obviously saw no threat and they continued down the line up!!!

We surfed for over two hours!! Waves started to shut down I took a close out  all the way in .. just to catch something at this point... I still wanted waves!! and I see Cynthia  on the beach... I get out we talk and watch Susan , Irma and Val come in!! 

We all agreed it was a great fun surf day!!! Not too shabby for partying all night the night before!! 

Sorry no pix this time!!