Sunday, August 19, 2012

Delightful Doho

I have never posted anything negative about Doheny.. Because that wave has never disappointed me! Sure it has the worst water quality reported in so cal... But the water always seems clear and pretty when I surf there.... However I am sure it's what you can't see that will hurt you :-/

Well I will take my chances Ha!
I do want to point out last time I surfed there and swallowed some water I did have a bit of a stomach issue for a while after that.
Right now I am nursing a cold..but still surfed and have No regrets!

Friday I surfed with hubs and a few of my gals from WK.. And a student who was interviewing a few of us for a thesis she is doing .
Well I had one of the BEST surf days of my life!!!!
The wave was perfect.. Fun gentle glassy 2-3 little easy rollers! Just what I so needed after last surf session!
I caught so many fun long rides... Mostly rights.
It all felt so natural and like I had been surfing my whole life and that it's just part of me!

My husband finally caught a few real waves .. He was super stoked as well. Although he was intimidated by the crowd . The vibe was great everyone was nice and having a great time. It's just there was A LOT of people.
So I had him come over close to us and surf in our group so we can block for each other!

Then my friend Tracy and her hubs Charlie showed up and that really boosted hubs confidence having Charlie in the lineup... So I left Brian in Charlie's hands. It worked perfect .. Plus I see a bromance flourishing lol

We all were just having one big party out there. As a matter of fact we had a few awesome party waves! Just pure epic stoke!

I surfed till I could not pop up any longer ! About 2 hours.
I tried to do a 2nd session after I rested a while .... I wanted it so badly.. But I had NO stamina left. Hubs said from shore it looked like I was barely paddling... I tried I wanted it I was not done ... But my body said otherwise ... So I just paddled in after being out for just a short time the second time around.

I also surfed in my board shorts and rash guard!

The peeps the weather the surf!
It WAS the perfect day!

Then while surfing I got a message on my phone that the job I interviewed for last week wanted me to call them back.
I did and they said after my last interview they thought I would be a perfect ft for another position in the company... A BETTER position!

So tomorrow I interview with the President of the company! So keep those positive vibes coming! Especially you Bron in the land of OZ..... I think your energy you keep sending me from Australia is working! Keep it up and Thanks!

Yep that day was a PERFECT DAy!!!

Pictures as follows are in the surf my friend Tracy on a wave... Hubs on a wave and hubs paddling out and hubs and Tracy outside and Other fun pix! My friend Jen got a picture of me riding a wave or two, when I get it I will add it to the pictures .