Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stay Cation Day 2

So after I get my keys, I head back over to Laurie's house. Where Tracy is on her way to pick me up in her way cool Westfalia, she has named Lola. We have many fun adventures in Lola! Tracy may own her,but she is very dear to a lot of us. I know I am talking about a VW van..but the memories that have been made in less than a year have been priceless already. We were thinking of Surfing Doho in the after noon. But I guess there was no surf. So we packed our surf boards and walking shoes. We were to meet up with our friend Irma, after she got off work and were gonna decide what to do. Because if there was no surf. We were gonna do a hike. Or Both if my friend Irma had it her way. HA!

So we ended up checking out Blackies.. It looked a lot like the day before. I really did not feel like getting beat up again. So we decided to go for a Hike.

WE hiked El Morro which overlooks Crystal Cove. It was a beautiful sunny warm perfect day. We did 4 miles and it took us an hour. I have to say that was a killer hike. THE FIRST 2 MILES WAS STRAIGHT UP! Then a plateau and then pretty much straight down. Yeah.. My piriformis muscle was not happy with me for few days after that. BUT I was already having issues because I run a lot and where I live there are hills.. but not like this.

HOWEVER the View was spectacular. As we trekked upward we stopped occasionally for a breather and looked out at the ocean. Saw a pod of dolphins playing in the surf. The afternoon breeze was starting which helped keep us cool. What a hike, I am grateful for the workout and the amazing company. We had some cold coronas after. I swear a nice cold beer is the best after a long hike. I guess we should have drank water..BUT I did carry a water bottle while hiking.

So after that I was taken back to Laurie's. I text her and say hey lets go to dinner. I wait for her to come home.

I decide to try and catch the sunset again. So I trot off to the shore line.. It is a little after 5 and perfect timing.

I got a few pictures of the sun setting. The offshores were starting to kick up the
breeze was warm. I loved sitting there listening to the Ocean and watching the sunset and I felt the wind blowing through my hair,it was just whisking away my troubles & worries. I was relaxed and content and happy. I thought to myself.. THIS is how I should always feel. So I took a picture to document it. I look like I am stoned here I have been told.. BUT I promise you I was not. I was just in the moment.

I felt it was magical and spiritual and ALL was right with me and the world. I don't feel like that a lot.BUT I have to say after that moment, something in me really has changed.. Or maybe it was the fact I just needed to get a way for a bit. Funny just a moment makes things right.. not material things. I really felt much happier with what I was doing a little get away, spending time with friends, and spending time with nature... than if someone gave me a material token of any kind. IT really was what I needed.

Any way I walk back to Laurie's waited for her to come home. After she gets home we walk to a little Italian restaurant. She Kindly treats me for my Birthday an early Birthday gift..WOW how lucky am I.. I have the best friends! I was just happy she let me crash at her place, but I get wined and dined too.. what a deal! We get a bottle of Chianti and the best bruschetta I have ever had for an appetizer,then our salads come. By the time our entries came, I was stuffed. I ate a few bites just so I could taste it. I got the rest to go. After that we walk to her fav local bar,She gets a beer & light weight me, I have a carbonated water.. I was still feeling the wine and needed to pace myself. Met some quite interesting people. Friends of Laurie's. One just totally reminded me of Spicolli. HA..Then we walk to a pub like bar for some live music and I buy us each a beer. Laurie introduced me to a few more people. They were all so nice. It felt good to be out..But I was getting tired. I had 2 long days and this is night two out past midnight.. Not normal for me..and we were to wake up early to surf the next day. I am usually asleep by 10! Laurie probably thought I was not having a good time, She asked if I wanted to leave. I said no. I really was having a good time. I was just drained. We are sitting there, I did a lot of people watching while listening to the band. A very sweet and chivalrous English man another friend of Laurie's buys us each another beer. And when introduced to me, he took my hand and kissed the back of it. THAT was so charming. Well we listen to the band a bit more and finish our beers. Then we head back home. Walking was fun in the wind. HA. I think I got more exercise those two days than I do a week at home. I love the Beach lifestyle.
Any how was lulled asleep by the winds. I slept good again!

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  1. I felt the wind blowing through my hair,it was just whisking away my troubles & worries.

    LOVE THIS LINE! happy to hear you were caught up in the moment!! woot woot!!

    that hike looks amazing. but your terms are too technical!! haha only kidding

    and wow... for a grandma, you party harder than me...? what does that say about you? hmmmmm or maybe its just me... ahahahaha i love just people watching at bars, seeing how people interact with each other, and meeting new people, albeit you may not see them again.

    and on your defense of having that carbonated water, that's great for digestion, and you always want to pace yourself!! we're not 17 anymore.... even though you look it! :D