Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stay Cation Day 6! MY BIRTHDAY and Last Surf Day!

I call this my Birthday Blimp.. it kept going back and forth where we were camped for the day!

So now we come to the end of the Stay Cation Saga....I have to say I loved this. I just spent some really needed Me time with myself. Along with some Great Friends.

So now it comes to my Birthday. I am getting a New Surfboard. That was custom made by Mere Made Surf boards... I really wanted it for my "staycation"...but the glasser was and is a bit behind.. I still don't know if my board is done? BUT that is ok. I don't think the surf conditions were right for my new board, and I want it done perfect and not rushed. After all they are surfers... so they are on "surfing time".. SO I will be getting it Next week! Fingers crossed. Well other than my surfboard. MY birthday gift was the AMAZING day I spent with friends doing what I LOVE.

So since Brian (My husband) is joining us and he has been in the water2 times now.. HE does not want the foamy any longer. So I had to see if anyone was willing to lend us a board. A 9'0 or even an 8'0. A guy I work with said he had one. SO we go and pick it up..it is a beautiful custom made Robert August. I could not believe he let us use it. It was a little bigger than a 9'0 we estimated it to be a 9'4.. ANY how. It needed to be cleaned up,
So I made my husband scrap off the old wax and taught him how to rewax a board. After all he is using it... he needs to learn..BUT somehow I got suckered into doing all of the base coat???hmmm.

We decide to meet up around 9:30 at Bolsa...
Tracy was bringing Lola packed with goodies and fixins for mimosas. I put the call out on FB that if anyone wanted to join us where we would be.. BUT I knew that it being Tuseday.. not many would be able. BUT the ones who planned to be there all showed up and a few extras. I saw Eric as he was getting out, got a Happy Birthday hug. Laura and Kelly were already in the water, But they had to leave soon.

PLUS the hubs ended up with the day off and it was our first time surfing together. (He was nervous about leaving Blackies.. That was my security blanket too..So I understood how he was feeling.
I felt a bit concerned, because I said oh it will be easy at Bolsa.. 1-2..and well, it really was bigger. EEk! He was a trooper and paddled out just the same.)
So we suit up and head out. I feel bad, because I just left my husband in the dust and in the white wash. I wanted to be with my friends. Honestly he would rather it be that way too. So I get outside. I have no idea where my friends were.. I saw a group of women paddling south. I have bad eyesight and thought it was them. I paddled after them, was trying to figure out why they paddled all the way down past another tower. Catch up to them. THEY are not my friends but another group of ladies looking for some of their friends. I told them I was looking for my friends and this was my Birthday surf session, and I have no idea where they are..THEY invited me to surf with them. I thanked them and kindly paddled back to where I started in search of my crew.. MY arms were dying at this point. I finally see my friends. I have no idea how I missed them??( WOW I am getting old) Then I started to look for my husband and said .. hey I lost my husband. AND some Random guy in the line up asked if I needed a substitute. HE said I had a few to choose from right there. Ha! I really thought that was funny!

Laura was trying to take a birthday shot of me surfing on her go pro..but she had to leave shortly and there were no waves. BUT the dolphins came right up to me. THAT was cool. Honestly the closest I ever got to dolphins too. NOW that is what I call a Birthday gift. So on her go pro she got me on my board..and then she got some nice shots of the dolphins when they swam by her. She sent me the video with the song by Alter Images Happy Birthday! I love that song! So even though I am not on a wave. It is a sweet video.( I wonder how I can copy it from FB and put it on my blog?)

I try to catch some waves and I go after one, nothing. I go after another and nothing. Probably my Karma for saying hey it is my Birthday I get ALL the waves!

I know I caught at least 4 maybe 5??.. that day and 1 wipeout, just cant remember what order. I remember I caught a really fun ride all the way to shore. It is the only wave I really remember..(See I get older and already losing my memory.... or too much saltwater on the brain.. IDK)

I do know after being out for a little over an hour the first time. I wiped out and my board came flying at my OTHER ARM. I still have a bruise on my left arm from a few weeks back.. SO now I have one on my right. ANY way. It was not the fin this time.. just the board. It felt like I hit the funny bone but I didn't. I had numbness and tingly down my arm. So I get out and am pissed. I threw my board on the sand. It was my birthday and I didn't want this to be the end of my surf day..& I didn't want any wipeouts. HA!. I know what a brat... I had my fair share at the start of my staycation. The board didn't hit me as hard as last time..but I did not like the sensation I was feeling down my arm..

It would be nice if someone could teach me to STAY ON my board. These past days were not my best surf days. I have had WAY better. BUT yes I know.. better than not surfing. Honestly we were not in the Best conditions either. So I guess I can cut myself some slack!

OH well! Here is a picture I took when I got home. It is hard to take a picture of your arm this is a weird angle. But you can see I am bruised. People probably think I am abused. LOL. BUT only by the ocean and my surfboard..A LOT.. I need to stop that!

Tracy and Steffanie and Brian and Artie all get out. Brian could use a break. I felt I could to. So we go up and Tracy, put some ice on my arm.(You can see I am still in good spirits..I was not gonna get down today!) Steffanie needed to leave to go to work. Laura & Kelly were already out, she had to take Kelly to the airport. Funny I surfed with Kelly 2 times this week and I didn't see her once. HA! Well at least we can say we surfed together. BUT Laura was gonna come back.

We take a bit of a break. I decide I can feel my fingers again. We head back out.
This time it is me, Tracy, Artie and Brian.. Tracy gave Brian a few pointers on how to turtle. So he could make it outside with us. I really didn't pay a lot of attention to my hubs, I wanted some waves. SO I have great friends who helped him out.

We see a lull and start to paddle out. ALMOST make it to the outside and 3 Random HUGE swells start forming outside. ONE after another hit. I was OH shit!. I paddled to get over them I had to turtle twice. My husband and Tracy were right behind Artie and I. We make it out and I knew they were gonna get pounded. I look back and they were both already back to the shore. They got swept back. I think Tracy stayed to help Brian. As Artie and I sat outside all of a sudden the water was getting choppy. Tracy came and joined us. I start to paddle for a wave and get lifted up high and higher and look over the falls and back right the heck off. THAT would have NOT been fun. Another comes, and I did that again. I was HOLEY COW.. these are getting big. They were just closing out too! There was no shoulder you could get on, So I finally caught a smaller one and rode it to shore. I asked Brian if he was all right? HE said yes. He stayed in the white wash and was practicing his pop up. He needed to pop a little further up on the board. BUT again. My friends were there to guide him. I paddle back out. BUT just inside. I didn't feel like going all the way out. Plus it was not worth it. There were some 2-3 breaking closer in. I get one. THEN I notice my husband is out and resting on the shore. He said he was done.

I take the Robert August out. Again just inside. I catch 2 waves. THAT board is a boat and fun. YOU cannot NOT catch a wave on it. Then my friend Tracy wants to try too.
She caught 2.

I don't know if my friend is getting his board back..I am really liking this board! He doesn't use it any way ;-)

We decide it is time for mimosas and snacks. We walk up and see Kevin who just pulled up and he asked if we saw Irma. We tell him, she was not coming she was at the Drs. She was not feeling well, at least that is what we thought. WELL after the Drs. She decided to join us... and SHE was already out there.(If Irma was on her deathbed.. she would still be out there.. she is a diehard) We had no idea she was here. Mostly because we drifted so far North. Kev goes out and joins her. We get cleaned up. Laura arrives back. We set up a little camp around Lola and eat the snacks and just talk.

Kevin and Irma Join us. Irma's Birthday is the next day so it is "OUR" Birthday surf session. I have to say.. there is no other way I would have wanted to spend my day. This was PERFECT.. I think Irma felt the same.

So the end of my vacation ON Wed. I decide to stay home and just relax. I ride the bike to the park and read my book. THAT is how I ended my 7 day Birthday Week Staycation!

~La Fin~


  1. Happy Birthday! Loved the staycation series. Sounds like you had a great time and much needed break and fun birthday celebrations.

  2. Happy Birthday Young Lady! I love the picture of you with hubby. You two look soooo cuuuuute with the girly girly board next to the very manly blue flame board. Like if the boards were a couple too ;)
    PS: Your Mere-Made board is ready for pick up!

  3. THANKS guys! It was a very nice vacation, I enjoyed ALL of it @ Surfmama.. I am so excited about my board.. I keep showing everyone the picture of my new baby! SUCH a work of art. I cant wait to read your blog post on the creation of it. YOU are very very talented. I hope I can ride it..being a whole foot shorter and a new board.. PLUS it is so pretty.. I am afraid to put wax on it. I am looking for "clear" wax..if no one has made any yet.. I got dibs on the patent.. so don't think about taking my idea ;-)
    YES I love the blue and pink board pix.. it is so cool. I thought the same thing. Blue with flames so masculine and the pink with purple flowers so dainty and girly. NOW I just need to figure out how to keep my husband off my new board. hmmmmmm!

  4. Enjoyed reading your "staycation" blogs...glad u got some stoke down there...wish NORCAL was sometimes as small as SOCAL cause I've only been out 5X since the new year!

  5. ohh that bruise looks bad!!! loved the staycation series... but did u miss day 5? anyways, happy birthday!!! or belated now... hahahaha keep writing please!!

  6. Day 5 was included at the end of day 4..Nothing too exciting that day. Just some house cleaning.HOWEVER speaking of bruises..I got another surfing yesterday on my left arm again!! I ran into mu huband. I will blog about it tomorrow..GEESH!!BUT I stayed on my board Ha!Also in regards to writting go get the current issue of WSSM I have a 2 page story in there Page 80 and 81 :)