Monday, February 20, 2012


Me and Mo..

Guess who came home yesterday? I picked him up on my way home from a trip to San Diego. Meet "MO" it is short for Mo' Olio which is Hawaiian for Seahorse. Appropriate.. right?
OK I am SOOO IN LOVE with him..Mo has been sitting in my living room and instead of watching TV I find I am just starring and drooling at my new found love. I keep walking over and picking him up. I can't believe how light he is, big difference in weight from Tallulah. He will also be very buoyant with how thick it is. I hope I can surf and do the board justice. I have to get use to losing a foot of board. It will be like learning all over again..maybe?

SO my hubs is picking up a fin on the way home today. I believe he is getting me a leash also. He somehow got a deal with someone at the Frog House?? I think that is what he said. I thought it was funny. He called me at work and was all excited. I got you a fin! I didn't even ask.. so sweet! We shall see how that goes.(I hope he does not for a minute think he is taking Mo out...hmm I think I see the motive behind his enthusiasm.. I may have to put lo-jack on Mo!)

Any way...I am still ordering my Proteck fin..But I want to try Mo out on Thursday my next day off, I don't want to wait for a fin to arrive. So I am just getting a standard, 7" hopefully white fin.. for now. I will let you all know how next Thursday goes. Lets hope for some easy surf conditions.

Me,Mo and Valerie!

Now onto "Mo's" Creator and surrogate. Val from Mere'Made surfboards. I was so excited to see her again yesterday. I just love that girl. Her and her whole family are just the sweetest. Her daughter and son are beyond cute. Her husband(who I met for the first time yesterday) was also very kind, and is so knowledgeable!He has been surfing practically since he could walk. I love talking to people with that much knowledge. AND who have the passion when talking about it. Now if he would stop showing off and breaking surfboards while doing those aerials. . Poor Valerie can't keep up with making them for him. ;-)I saw one of the victims up close and personal! Yikes!
Valerie herself is quite the surfer as well. If you ever read her blogs you will know that.I also had the privilege of being in the water with her once and saw what she can do. They also had an out of town guest from France staying..he too is a surfer. I think they were getting ready to go out after I left. LUCKY!
(It is great when you get to meet the bloggers who become, I feel, lifelong friends, in person. IT is so special. I now personally know 2 from my blog family.)
As I said good-bye we all got hugs.. including the guest from France.

Well again. I will keep you all update on my adventures with Mo.. I will have to take Tallulah out from time to time. Don't want her to get jealous. Plus my daughter will probably be riding her. BUT for Now Tallulah can rest. SHE has been my go to girl for nearly 3 years. She deserves a break.


  1. Thank you very much for your very kind words. Hubby, guest-from-France (named Sylvain) and me were all lined up on the couch reading your post together. The boys were stoked to be included ;)
    I'll keep my finger crossed for a good swell on thursday and more importantly your fast recovery.

  2. Yay! Welcome home Mo! He looks beautiful. Lots of fun adventures in store for the two of you, I am sure of it. Can't wait to hear.

  3. awesome!! i know exactly that feeling of unspeakable gittyness when you get a new board! all you wanna do is fondle and caress the board!!! he is a beauty!! love the name too... very fitting indeed