Saturday, February 11, 2012


In the early stages. Very interesting to see your board like this.. At least I think so.

I feel like a new mom and Valerie of Eat Surf Love and Mere' Made surfboards is the surrogate. She created it! CHECK out the blog below on the creation of my new love!. And for more amazing pictures! HOW many people not only get a new board. BUT have a blog reference also?

This is the first picture I received of my new board. I love my board...BUT how CUTE is Valerie's daughter in the back ground.. She is out staging the board!

This is currently the center fin I am thinking of getting. NOT just because the colors will match and it will look cool. But because it is a pro teck fin..and If you have been paying attention to any of my "recent" post.. I need a kinder gentler fin. =) Here are some stats in regards to the fin:
Pro Teck Fins are surfboard fins with soft leading and trailing edges designed to enhance board performance and reduce fin cuts. The flexible trailing edge allow the water to flow smoother with less turbulence off the fin. The flexible edge also creates a "rudder action" as the water pressure bends the edge, creating tighter and more fluid turns, similar to the fins of dolphins and sharks. The flexible urethane edge also greatly reduces fin cuts compared to conventional hard edge fins.

However this board is just so beautiful.. I am kind of afraid to ride it. HA! AND put wax on it for that matter. ;-).. Hopefully there will be pix of me riding this baby soon. Again. I went down a foot in size and it is new board. I hope I adjust to it and catch some of my best rides in the very near future!


  1. Ride it and enjoy it. Boards get dinged. Then they get fixed. Dings, like scars, prove that a board has been surfed and enjoyed. We can take it to Alain when necessary. Go surf that board, girl!

  2. It's beautiful! Yes, so lucky and amazing to be able to have a the creation of your board documented. No doubt that you will have some amazing rides on that board but I know that you mean about waxing up a nice, new, shiny board. Have fun with it!!

  3. SM101.. I don't know yet.. I need to see, feel touch..and think it may not be a girl..I am thinking Mo'Olio which is Hawaiian for Seahorse...but I am not sure yet. Also since it is your 8th board.. I am twirling around the notion of something with Octo in it.. but that keeps making me think of Octo mom..((shivers)) eeagh!

  4. beeaaautiful looking board!!!! so stoked when someone's gotten a new girl (or guy, since you're a lady) to ride!!! love the color job... and the fins by proteck (from what i've heard) are safe and "soft" i am a big advocate of good fins, since the fin is really the only part that is touching the water at all times. kinda like tires on a car. you don't want stock tires on a ferrari!

  5. SO KK..Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Give me some ideas of fins that would work. I have not purchased any yet. I am still researching. I heard good things about Proteck..but i have never used them. I have only used FCS and Robert August fins.. That I am aware of. ADVISE PLEASE =)

    1. it's a good thing. i've seen hawaiian's shred on protech fins. but then again, they shred on everything... i personally have a few FCS fins for my single fin, one of my favorites is the fluid foil model. i think it's 8.5"? apparently it's designed for turns, but i try to nose ride more on my 9'0" now. anyways, i'm sure that protech will work great, and be aesthetically pleasing too!