Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It is not surfing..but it was still fun!

Well as anyone knows surf has been a little hard to find in The OC, and from what I hear anywhere up and down the coast. The GOOD news is the wind died down a bit.

BUT since there was no surf on my 2 days off I took one of those days to try something new, that I have not done before. A little Stand Up Paddling in the Harbor.
I get a bit annoyed with them in the surf. Some of the SUP guys seem to get all the waves or in your way. BUT I think on flat days in the Harbor it is a great Idea. Even though I surf, I have to admit I was a bit worried about falling in. THE sting rays were everywhere and the water in the Harbor is not the cleanest. BUT this was in Huntington Harbor, which is a bit more mellower than Newport, Not a lot of boat traffic and cleaner I think.

ANYHOW... I did not fall in. It did take a bit of getting use to. It is a little different than surfing. I would rather surf to be honest with you.BUT it is still fun, and as I said good for flat days.

NOW I was told by my friend, the proper way to paddle. SHE actually does SUP workouts. YES working out on a Paddle board in the harbor. I was more worried about staying on than to get adventurous enough to take one of her classes. We were doing this as a leisure thing. BUT if anyone is interested in taking her class.. Let me know. I will send you in her direction.

OK as I was saying the proper way to paddle. YOU use your abs. YEP your abs, I was in need of that. She said if my arms hurt, I was doing it wrong. GOOD news... no sore arms, BUT my rib cage was a bit sore on both sides the next day. ALSO my calves were sore, which still are. THEY should not be. But I was so worried about falling in. I think I was trying to grip my toes to the board and that made my calves sore. SO I am looking at it as a calve work out too. HA. But after a while I got the hang of it, and relaxed and was paddling right a long. There is a whole technique..YOU push the paddle down with the top arm, move(paddle) with the other and use the strength from your core, not your arms. Relax your legs and don't be tense, (Like I was). Also there is a certain way to use the paddle. I started it off wrong. BUT like I said, didn't take long.. I got it.

It was a fun workout, and nice sunshiny, breezy, NOT WINDY, day. GOT a workout in, tried something new, and was in good company. Not too shabby for a non surf day.

Next post will be after my surf camp trip from San Elijo in a few weeks. THAT is the next time I will be able to surf. I think I have improved a lot from last years trip. SO I am very much looking forward to it. Till then...


  1. Ab WheelThe ab wheel or power wheel is just what it says it is. It is a wheel with a stick in between it. You basically use the ab wheel for roll outs, and this is a very challenging abdominal exercise.

  2. Nice work! Yeah SUP is all good in flat conditions as at least you're out in the fresh air and on the water rather than knocking about at home. Sounds like a great work out too. My mum has been asking about it as well so this has given me the spur to take her out for the day next time conditions are flat.

    Have a great weekend
    P.S. Posted up a lush surf food recipe on my blog earlier so hope you enjoy. I made it last night and it was gorgeous. Especially good after a cold water session.

  3. Thanks Josh, I will check out the recipe. I totally think you take your Mum out.. especially if you have a harbor to paddle around in , there is more sense of security than in the open ocean. I have been trying to figure out how to follow your blog. The format is different than most. I will figure it out, I am sure. YOU too have a great weekend.
    SG =)