Sunday, May 8, 2011


One of my Mother's Day Gifts.. I think this ROCKS!

OF course first thing on the Agenda today is to wish all those AMAZING MOMS a Happy Mothers Day.

I am a Mother of 5 Crazy Great kids and I want to post about that.
I had to work today.. which is fine by me.. I want next weekend off for a surf trip to San Elijo with some of the most amazing woman surfers I know. Truly magnificent, wonderful, Great friends I am so fortunate to have. SO that is above and beyond a fair sacrifice to work today.

But just because I am working does not mean I am not celebrating Mothers Day.
I have already received an arrangement of Red Roses and Purple Status, from my youngest. I got a card that sings Girls Just wanna have fun with a Diva looking Chihuahua on it (I have one and love Chihuahuas), along with.. wait for this....2 surf magazines. I LOVED THIS! I also received a phone call from my Soldier in Afghanistan. I love hearing his voice and His Mother's day wish was the best..BUT apparently I even have a gift waiting at home that just arrived from him as well. I D K what it is yet. What a surprise. My daughters are staying home and doing some cleaning up around the house. I think I am getting Dinner tonight too, and even more surprises to come. I have Amazing kids. AND even if I got no presents from them. JUST their love is the most Special thing a mom could ask for. I also have been greeted at work with many mother day wishes.. and will shortly be indulging in our brunch here. THE perks of working in a Country Club.

Please those of you who have a mom.. DO cherish them and every moment. I never really knew my mom. (I wont get into that).. BUT I want you to know YOU are very lucky to have one. SO treat her like a QUEEN today..and THOSE MOMS OUT THERE.. Happy Mother's day ...I hope it is the best you could ask for!


  1. You are truly blessed and your quiver is full! Your post brought a tear to my eye with tears of joy! I love that all of your children are honoring you in some way today and I love your attitude even though you had to work! Happy Mothers Day Surfing Momma! Here is to a wonderful evening!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Michelle. I wrote you a message in the comments section of my blog. Go read it! Have a wonderful day. (Act like you're working but don't do anything!!)

  3. Happy day to you Michelle! Thank you for sharing such intimate feelings. I was moved reading your post. I can't wait to meet you next week-end!

  4. Thank you, G? mom!
    Is there good surfing?

  5. HI Nob.. honostly not lately..=)..At least not for me..HOW is everything in Tokyo?