Thursday, April 21, 2011


HELLO anyone seen this lately? It is called the sun? Remember nice orangish sphere in the sky. Creates warming sensation.. helps plants grow... Allows us to wear less clothing..and lighter wetsuits.

It is spring. I know it is not always the best warmest time of year..But usually we get a bit more warmth and sun.. NOT lately. I sure hope this is not a sign of things for summer.. Just like last year. Swear I lived in my 4/3 all summer. I have a 3/2 and 2 spring suits.. I really really want to wear. I of course don't want a scorching summer.. Just a lil sunshine and warmth would be nice.

Well since we have had lack of this:

I have not surfed since the First weekend of the month. I am missing it. I was gonna take today off to surf..but I hear it is not so great out there, So decided to work instead.

Oh well I am sure the surf GODS will smile on us shortly... I HOPE!

In other GOOD news.. I passed my State Exam..So one less thing to worry and stress over. =)
Also I am taking my board in to be fixed this weekend..I hear she will be good as new in no time. SO that makes me happy too.


  1. congrats on your exam! me too I miss the summer (specially because we did not have any last year!!!!!). Punxsutawney Phil said it will be an early spring: LIAR!!!! I don't like rodent ;)

  2. On behalf of the people of the UK I apologize profusely. It appears we have your sun. In fact we've had it for two weeks. Most odd for us at most times of the year but especially during April/early May. We promise we'll return it ASAP as we know all too well how rubbish life is without it.

    Cheers Josh,
    P.s. Thank you for the nice comment on Surfandthefury. Glad you liked the trip.

  3. Oh Josh You are so funny.. SEEMS our sun came back to join us. It has been Hot and sunny for at least a week now. BUT the weather man informs us next week it will be overcast, which is normal.. HOPEFULLY not as cold. So we will see..