Tuesday, March 25, 2014

San O Sunday Funday

Well looks like a new tradition may be starting with a group of my surfer friends.
I missed the first couple Sundays, but went last Sunday.

We all met in the afternoon. Later than usual for me. Nice late afternoon into dusk surf session.
Conditions were windy 2-3 feet and choppy and cold and then the sun made a peak through and helped a bit.
I did two surf sessions with a total of 5 waves caught .. Two on Mo first session then took a break for  some amazing gourmet food..

"We were lucky to be joined by two chefs and one lovely lady named Anais cooked right on the beach some amazing shrimp served with millet salad! There was also two delicious chicken salads and a ton more food". See pix.
We made s'mores by the Bon fire :-)

Any way second sesh I took hubs 9'0 Art in Motion board, and after I dialed it in caught 3 waves ... With the last one ridden all the way in.

This Session I have realized I'm pretty much out of shape.. The paddle out killed me. San O is a longer paddle out for me to begin with.. But add wind and chop and my lack of exercise and surf.. Well it was a lot for me.
I wish I could surf everyday and keep my stamina up.
This was such a fun day and I didn't mind the surf conditions and I met a few new people ,
all nothing short of awesome.. Because let's face it.. Surfers ARE awesome! 

Oh and another lovely gal Krista took pix and got some of me surfing .. Yay!! But I have not been able to get them yet. I shall post them when I do :-)

We stayed till the sun went down and the whole time we had our doors open and guess what happen next

Any way great time, great peeps and I can't wait for more Sunday Fundays to come !.. Here's more pix ..
That's a lot of Art in Motion ..^

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