Monday, April 1, 2013

Take a Soldier Surfing

So as most of you know I have 5 children and 2 grandchildren!
My oldest is a Sergeant in the Army.
Last time he was home I took him surfing... So decided to do it again last Thursday.
Surf was small but fun and my club president Cathy was taking a relative of her husbands i am not sure but think he is a relative ??? (from Canada) out surfing for his second time and his Girlfriend.
So she did an event on FB take a Canadian Surfing.. And I thought great time to bring my Son as well.

Cathy's students stayed out and Robert was catching waves he caught 2 really nice rides... His GF.. Didn't catch any... But had fun just the same!

So it was a nice day....Lots of Dolphin's which were right next to us! Branden thought that was cool! Easy surf! My Son caught 3 waves but only one not on his knees but he stayed down with his hands on the board... I know he would have got it and nailed a good ride.. But was not feeling well.
My son lasted an hour.. Water was very cold to him and he was tired... He just flew in with his family on Monday and been going non stop since they got here.

Of course when he was done I asked if I could have like 20 more minutes...
Then I asked for 1 more wave after that.
I had a few more ;-)
I had to take advantage of an easy fun and uncrowded day!!!!

Other than that I been busy enjoying my son and his family and especially my grand daughter ...
I finally have both my Grand babies together !! So I am relishing in every moment!

Also very rare I get all 5 my babies together at the same time... So these moments are PRICELESS!!

And yes my daughter has Blue hair!! And I love it!!!! She is a lot like her mommy!

Enjoy the pix!!!!


  1. Good looking family! Glad you get to spend time with them. Now I will recognize you out in the water! By the way, the report looks decent for tomorrow morning. I hope it's right...

    1. Figures been Lake Blackies all weekend...
      Tomorrow looks like we are going to do some "touristy" things..

  2. a family that surfs together, stays together. great write up!!! pass along the stoke surfing g-ma!!

  3. Lovely to see you with your family, chilling out and surfing. Enjoy it, GRANDMA!

  4. I hear you Michelle. I just drove my Dad back to the airport half an hour ago and I miss him already :( But he was not as brave as your son: he did not go in the water ("too cold").
    Your family picture is so heart warming. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I just drive my sin and his family to LAX this morning... Needless to say . I been crying in and off all day... :-(
      I know I'm such a woose!!

  5. Hej Michelle! I think I'll let you take me surfing whenever I make it back to Cali! So happy you and all the kids/grandkids got to be together at the same time, truly priceless indeed! <3 from the now thawing snow of Sweden :-)

    1. You just say when and where cousin!! I would LOVE to take you surfing!! Miss you much!!!!