Thursday, July 19, 2012

2 surf sessions last week ... Nothing exciting

I still can't figure out how to upload photos to blogger from the almighty I phone ....anyone know how? If so please enlighten me.

I have only surfed 2 times last Friday and then this past Monday.

Friday hubs had day off so we hit Bolsa. Surfed with Laura and Irma. Not the best surf conditions... Did catch one nice left ... My first ride and best wave of the day!

Hubs caught 3 rides but I only saw one. His form is getting better. But he needs to get out of the white wash! But everyone goes at their own pace...

I can't remember much from Friday really just nice to get in the water.
After we went to Cappys for breakfast. I had an egg white omelette with avocado mushrooms and Munster cheese. It was prob the best omelette I ever had!

Monday met up with Laura Irma Jen and Eric...Again Bolsa.... Windy as heck! Air was cold ... We went to T17 walled and big and yucky. We did see dolphins surfing ... 2 times jumped out of the water! One dolphin was riding he wave in.. When my friend got her camera ready.. He never did it again! Of course!That was so cool!

We went to T24 a lot smaller still windy but the guys out there looked like they were having fun... As opposed to the surfers at T17 all you saw was boards flying in the air minus the surfers who belong to them.. That did NOT look fun to me at all.

So we were deciding to surf or not to surf..... My friends put the decision on my shoulders... Since I drove the furthest.. I said lets go for it!!

Laura left .... I think she got spoiled in Cabo so these conditions did not appeal to her! Eric whimped out as well. So Irma Jen and I headed out. The paddle out was not far ... But the wind comming at you worked against getting out and with the rough water...That was a work out in itself! Water was warm, which helped counter the windy cooler conditions and every now and then a ray of sunshine peaked through. I think the waves were 2' at most... When we first headed out they had a bit of shape, not much but there were a few. I caught one left. And 2 wipeouts... 1 I was paddling for a wave and I knew it was gonna close out right on me and it did! My last 2 rides were white wash.... Because that was all there was after 1 1/2 hours of surf! The drift was strong too! So one ride I took to shore and walked back to where we started ... As I did I was watching the ocean and my friends and it was looking really really crappy ! I also noticed we were the only ones out there... And standing on shore I saw why..
But I paddled out for one more ride..

After that my daughter Tabi and I went and did some beach combing and then headed to Mitsuwa Market place for lunch. She had beef curry and I had cold soba noodles and curry and rice!

Glad we decided to head out.. Ended up being a very enjoyable day!

Now packing and getting ready for our clubs annual WK San Elijo surf camp weekend!
Also meeting up with surf mama and Pabs!!

Stay tuned.. This trip always makes for great posts!


  1. Ok so I figured out how to put pix on from the I phone.. I downloaded the app... But I cannot figure out how to put the pix where I want it... I will keep at it .. I'm sure I will get it soon. So the pix of T23 is where we surfed Friday... The pix of me and my daughter Tabitha when we went beach combing...

  2. see you very soon :)I can't wait to enjoy your ukulele skills LIVE !