Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A lot of surfing!

View of Newport from Superior...on Tuesday I think?

This blogging from the I phone is a pain! I got my laptop up and running.. But no Internet yet! So when I have time will add pictures to this post when I get near some wifi.(found some wifi..hence the pix)

I do want to say... I have surfed A lot lately .... At least for me!

Thursday Cliffs again! Not the best day. Nothing like the day before, and it was June gloom! But still any day surfing is better than not!

Friday was gonna surf, we house/pet sat 5 miles from the beach and I planned on a sunset surf... That did not happen! Just was too tired after all the packing and unpacking and driving in traffic with 2 teenage girls!
Saturday did a Birthday surf for my friend Laurie..Bolsa... I was rocking it that day! Best surf day of week! I stop counting after my 5th wave!
Then I had to run home and check on the doggies I was watching.. Well not my home but you get it! Then drive back to HB and had a birthday luncheon at Fred's, for the Birthday girl! Then we walked around Main Street for a bit!

Sunday yet another Birthday surf for another friend.... Cathy, at Bolsa again... Same time same tower a day later.. Surf conditions so different .... I caught 2 rides and nothing great! I did jump off my board after a wave and stepped on something slimey that moved!! Eeeewww. prob a ray! Lucky I did not get stung! Laurie said she did the same thing right after me! She says ita a flounder haha! Hubs surfed with me that day and we both went after the same wave and were gonna go straight.. And we both went over the falls! My friend said she was wondering where we were and when she looked down the line she saw 2 boards flying up in the air... She said oh there they are! Haha well a couple that surfs together wipes out together!

Took Monday off to rest!

Tuesday ... Today Back to HB. Irma,Jen,Cathy and I were gonna meet,South of Pier but the NSSA championships were happening.The other girls ended up surfing North of Pier, but, I went to the cliffs yet again and met Irma. Met the guy who was folding his wetsuit the last time I was there. He came up to me on his skateboard today, his name is Calvin and he is such a mellow dude with a good vibe!

Well surf was small but there was some shape! But not a lot of push really.. Still fun! My wave that stood out today was... I caught it, went left.. Thought my ride was over, but it reformed inside and went right! That was very cool!!! I went left saw the face reform on my right and so I turned my board and took it to shore!

Dolphins came out to play and there was a momma and a baby. That was so cool! Then there were the Pelicans again! They were dive bombing us! I screamed one time scared the crap out of me! Big splash right next to me! Then a few minutes later one made Irma yelp as it dived right next to her! The other day when we surfed I can't remember which day but the Pelicans were flying right over us while pasdling out! I swear if you lifted your head at the right moment... A pelican would have taken you out! Can you imagine having a pelican take you off your board! They are like mini pterodactyl!!

Whew so much surf! I'm surprised my arms have not fallen off!

Well I was thinking of surfing tomorrow, but I won't have a ride! But I have surf plans for Friday and a am and pm surf planned for Saturday!... So stay tune and check back later for pictures ...


  1. Please excuse the grammar.. And typos! It's hard with this keyboard and the I phone changes words on you and I am tired ... So my thoughts are a bit scrambled. But I wanted to post something before I forgot ha!

  2. Looks like you'll be properly warmed up for our surf session next month! Glad to see you're getting in some water time.

    1. Me too!! I hope my surf skills improve as well!

  3. Hi Michelle, glad to hear you have been doing a lot of surfing! You and your crew really look like you enjoy yourselves! I had a great surf today and have also been getting in the surf a bit. Caught some awesome waves today and the paddling on at an angle is starting to work well! I caught a wave with a dolphin today as well! So special. Cheers Bron

  4. Yay Bron! Happy to hear you are getting some surf time.. I have not surfed since this last post.. Surf has not been cooperating and since I'm unemployed I have time but not money to waste on gas .... Unless its surfable. ... Hoping to get in the water at least once this week :-)..

    And just plain good to hear from you!

    1. Hope you get a surf in this week, I really find it makes me feel so much better. I think there is something about the salt water and for me, just being out there with other surfers that makes me feel great. I am also having some work related issues, so surfing is helping me work through that! Guess some things are universal... I am sending positive vibes to you, Bron :)