Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Short and Sweet

YAY!!! I got my hands on a computer and internet!

A few short things...

1)Tomorrow is my official last day of employment.. I am hoping for more surf time. a few things here. 1.. bye bye health insurance for a while... bye bye black berry and computer access. Need a new phone and I have a Laptop..(that was not working..but found out it was just my power cord.. Yay!) So need to get that and internet.

But It is kind of nice being off the grid for a bit. Sort of a cleansing of technology.

2) I have not surfed..even though I have had lots of free time.. SURF HAS SUCKED. and not worth the gas to get down to the beach. So now unemployed I have to really be picky and frugal!

3)Again.. I will not be around here as much.. so don't forget me! Please keep positive vibes coming. I will need a new hopefully "FUN" "Lucrative" job soon. I really don't want to be in an office. But we shall see what comes my way!

Until next time... Peace Love and Happiness..and LOTS OF FUN SURF!!!

BUT..if I do get to sneak some internet access..i will do my best to check in from time to time..



  1. Sending you some NORCAL good vibes your way...I will b in SOCAL (officially) from the 22-27 of July...if I have to kidnap you for a surf session, I will. :-)

  2. Sending positive vibes from Aus to you. I hope you do get the chance to get in the water, I believe surfing is a "cure all" - you cannot help but feel good after a surf! I hope that your next job is fun and (dream oh dream..) maybe incorporates surfing in some way! The waves over here haven't been fantastic either, so understand your surfing dilema! Peace and happiness,

  3. Sending lots of good vibes from the East Coast too! I haven't been as plugged in the last couple of weeks as normal and I must admit, it's a very welcome break. It means we're living our lives, right? We'll miss you! xoxo

  4. Enjoy your time off. That's the hardest thing to do, but the most important. Something will come up, and when it does, you'll wonder where you spent all that free time.

  5. Thanks everyone! And PABS it's not kidnapping if I go willingly!! However I have a surf camp trip planned on July 23 to 26 in San Elijo..I plan on hooking up with surf mamma at that should try to join us :-). As for surfing I have not since San o I last posted! However I got an I phone that is what I'm typing on now, much better than the blackberry stay tuned!

    1. I mean 20 to the 23. Sorry getting things mixed up