Monday, May 28, 2012

San O Kick Off Summer Party!!

Again typing on you know routine..forgive any typos I can barely see this!

My surf club does a kick off summer party every year at San O..always around end of May..this year we avoided the Memorial Day Weekend.Its also the first time I have been able to attend!

I had a blast at San O! Of course the WK gals and their families have a lot to do with it! But also the surf and yummy food and I was able to have a jam session with my Uke. A few girls play guitar and Kathleen is our Uke player..and she has taught me a lot. I have never taken a lesson. I have had my Uke just under a year.SO I could not believe I actually strummed along to a few songs! :)Even that song " Somebody I use to know" Just two simple chords. =)
The Wahine Kai Hot Flashes!!!

Surfing..well let's start with I never tied boards by myself on my Tahoe..since bringing 2 teenagers and all 4 boards..I had to put the 2 biggest on the racks..I brought Mo... But never ended up riding him I used the 9'6 the whole time..any way got the boards on and made it to San O NO problem!

Surf was any where from shoulder high way outside to knee high..Put they were very mushy and hard to catch..LOTS of paddling..But I think that is how it always is at San O at least that seems to be my experience..

Well I caught a lot of long fun rides..That 9'6 really helps! I don't know if I would have had any rides if I didn't use that board. I did 2 sessions and surfed till I could not paddle any longer! I have NO idea how long my sessions were..I just know I had tons of fun!!

My daughter brought her Boyfriend and this was the 2nd time he had been surfing..he went all the way outside and rode that foam board like he has been surfing forever! My daughter was getting frustrated, she is now on Tallulah..and not too sure about it and had never been to San O, so she stayed inside..and didn't get she had a sore toe and knee..But they both went out two times as well..I need to take her out more so she gets more confident with Tallulah!

Any way we stayed from 7 am till 4 and just had the best time ever! Can't wait to surf all summer! So this unemployment will be fun! If I can muster up the gas $$ "actually I would be at DoHo right now if I had $$ for gas"..:( friends went without me! we tie up the boards for our trip home..and IDK what I did wrong..but "thankfully" 2 minutes from my house we hear the loudest thump thump thump on the roof of the Tahoe..I pulled over on the freeway (Icould see my house from where we were) and had Bradley check it out and he said the boards came loose and were on the other side of the roof! So he hung out the window and held them..While I slowly drove off the freeway..we tighten them up and got home...whew!! I guess I didn't pull the strap through the clip part the right way :(!! Lesson learned!

But ALL and ALL what a GREAT way to kick off summer!!

I will try to post pictures..I think you can figure out what they are!! If this Blackberry will let me!! Only 1 of the 4 pictures showed up on my last post!!


  1. OK I did not mean to publish this seriously overlook the typos! I also can only do 1 picture at a time from this blackberry!?!? I need to get to a computer and fix this..It will bw fixed! AND I will add more pictures as well as to the previous post..I don't know keep checking back..Ha!

  2. i love the fact that you don't know how much time you spent in the water... all you know is that you had a lot of fun! those are the best sessions for me. i'm glad you got your family out to san o! it's one of the funnest wave offered in SoCal. glad that the boards didn't fly off the freeway!! phew~

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! Yes, I'm glad that your boards didn't end on the freeway too!!