Monday, May 14, 2012


SO Mother's Day.. the ONE Day a year.. your kids HAVE TO BE NICE TO YOU.. oh I am just kidding! My kids really do rock! I am blessed with 5 beautiful Babies. ALL adults except my youngest(15 year old) still at home.

I also have been blessed with 2 grand kids to date... I am sure I will have more..but Really there is NO RUSH! I have my hands full with the 2 I have. Even though 1 lives on a military base in a different State. =(!Oh How I do miss her!

Any way! I love how they all " Worship" me on this day. BUT my favorite part is the fact we can all get together and hang out. It is a very rare thing to have all of them at one time. Although...My oldest(the soldier) was not there AND Greatly missed!

He use to be in charge of the Mother Day scene growing up. He would put his younger siblings to work and make me breakfast served in bed every year. There was always a skit or a song.. along with the gifts they made at school. I still have them..Those memories will live with me forever!

This year My 23 year old bought Hawaiin BBQ type dinner fixins & PINA COLADAS! and we all pitched in and made some yummy food and played UNO! We all just hung out and talked and my grandson did a lot of the entertaining..His favorite thing to do.. Push a chair around! Silly Boy.

Yes there were gifts as seen in first picture..Got my standard roses and a gift card to a surf shop.Just what every surfing Grandma requires..Nate My 21 year old made me Chocolate Covered Strawberries..and I received other "things" BUT MY FAVORITE GIFT.. was ALL of us being together.(AND the phone call from my soldier!)..Seriously the Best things in life cannot be bought!


In other news was gonna surf on MD..but surf didn't show up.. I figure since Mother Nature has a lot to do with that and it is Mother's Day..She took the day off..and rightfully so. She needs a break from time to time as well! There are always other surf days!

Happy Mother's Day to all my Mommy Friends!


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely day. The best part definitely is being together. Hawaiian BBQ and Pina Coladas sounds so great. Oh and your grandkids are so cute!! Happy Mother's Day to YOU my friend!!

  2. That pina colada looks kind of radio-active. Glad you had a great Mom's Day

  3. What a great day! Over here in Aus, my son and I picked strawberries and had lunch in the cafe at the local strawberry farm and then an afternoon at the beach (husband on surf trip in Indonesia!). Funny thing though, no surf here either. Mother Nature def had a day off! Stay well, cheers