Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bolsa Chica.. the next day

Rise and Shine.. day two of surf camp adventure!!

So hubs moves A lot in his sleep..Which every time he moved the trailer moved.. and I kept worrying about the fact that our bed is literally a thin piece of plywood on a rail hanging off a trailer. That was only being held up by two thin metal maybe aluminum poles..What is the weight limit on this?? I was also worried about the trailer flipping... because we are both sleeping on one side..and there is nothing on the other side and we were uneven???.... I KNOW I WORRY A LOT!...But because of all that I kept waking up I do not like interrupted sleep..and getting up at 2 AM to pee. I did not sleep very much. Lets not forget I had some beer, a bloody mary, a few glasses of wine and those Infamous Laurie jello shots. WHY do I do that when I know I am suppose to get up and surf early the next day??

Lately I have been getting up at 2 AM and having problems getting back to sleep.....:-( lack of sleep is currently the norm!!!

So Hubs gets up at 5 AM.. hey wanna get up and go surfing?? I'm like no not yet... too early. He gets up a little later. 6 AM.. want to go now? I was No surf is prob not good right now. What is the tide like? He said he would go check. Again... I am not motivated to surf.. still...and I did not get a lot of sleep.
He goes to check surf.. says it is flat..Lets go to Blackies! I was surf is prob not great there right now either..I want to sleep a little more.

So he goes to fish for a while and comes back and makes coffee. It is now 7sh. AT 7:06 I get a text from Irma asking if Bolsa was as flat as it looks on the cam. I say yes..what does Blackies look like. She says 1-3 but in shallow water...and hi tide at 8:50 and prob swamp things out.

I tell Brian he says get your bathing suit on. Everything else is in the Tahoe. We pour us each a cup of coffee and trek on down to blackies. We make great time.

We pull up.. it is small but doable. NOT crowded.. perfect really for hubs. Was A little worried Mo would be to short to catch anything. I tell my hubs this is a perfect day for that 9'6 (Zeus).. You should have no problems. Perfect size for you and that board all around. So we suit up and seriously are in the water before 8 am.

I was thinking I really would not catch much..and maybe take over the 9'6 if I get flustered with Mo. I am still learning him and I really thought too small for an 8'0

OMG It was a very FUN session. Paddle out was easy. Hubs was catching his little waves closer to shore. I paddle out and my first wave I go for was 3 feet. Nice left all the way to shore. It was so much fun..It was so effortless...As I was riding it was like everything just came back to me.. MY MOJO IS SERIOUSLY FOUND!

Jumped off my board and just said.. oh MOMMA Needed that.. I didn't even realize HOW bad I needed that!

My face was splashed with cold water and I felt so refreshed,My wee bit of a hangover is fading and losing out to stoke.

I catch a few waves here and there. AND am so shocked at how easy Mo is.. we have so become one. I am VERY MUCH IN LOVE WITH THIS BOARD!!!

I had one wipe out.. where I was on the lip and just went over. Not a big wave at all 3' was the biggest out there.. if that. BUT I go over and I seriously did a somersault under water...not on purpose. It is what the wave did. I jump to my feet and am in chest high water..and I just started laughing.. Seriously that wipe out was fun! I felt like a kid when I use to do somersaults in the pool.

Then I see Dolphins. I paddle out and they were right in front of me. Then Brian whistled and pointed. Telling me about the dolphins. THEN one popped up right next to my board and did his blow hole thing.. I jumped and screamed a little as I was sprayed by the mist of the dolphins blow hole. That startled me. They are so silent. They are so graceful and so BIG too. THEN realized I was in the pod. They were every where. BUT I was also in a school of bait fish. One dolphin even did a little flip about 4 feet away from me. I was smiling from ear to ear. they were eating and I thought I better paddle out of this..

I caught a few more rides.. and had a fun right also..BUT my first left was my wave of the day...Most of what we rode was close outs..but still fun.

Yes Mo is my BOY!!.. I seriously LOVE this board.

Its Now 9:40 and we get out. We have to get back to camp..make breakfast and take down the trailer and be checked out by Noon.

Brian made eggs and bacon and more coffee.. We were both so happy after the surf session. We both needed it. What a GREAT MORNING! We talked about it all through breakfast. Then we broke down camp and left right before Noon....

We were happy. It was good. We Needed this little get away.. We needed time with each other.. and We needed to surf.

A bit tired and hungover..BUT Very Happy!!!


  1. yay your mojo is back!! keep surfing!!! glad you love your board. it took getting used to, but now you're all about it!! so happy for you!

  2. what a nice stoke-sharing-session with your husband (and with Mo!)!
    I went surfing with my hubby too yesterday: the first time in years! It felt so right... until he got more waves than me ;)Dolphins are everywhere. It is magical to see them so close but, geez, those animals are HUGE. Even though they are very friendly, I'm still a bit scared...

  3. Yay!! Sounds like you had a great getaway and yay for your mojo returning!! I'm so glad that you both took some time away. So amazing that you got to surf with dolphins too. Supposed to be good luck, right?