Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve was suppose to be a surf day. BUT the fog was terrible...and so was the surf. A few girls from my surf club decided to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding in HB Harbor, So we did.

One of the girls showed up, after trying to paddle out to surf. She is a die-hard and very good at surfing. She said it was a nightmare and she was caught inside and just made it out once. It was not worth anything she said. So I know, even though I brought my board praying for some sort of surf session to end the year, I would not be as lucky as her. HA.. So I am glad I decided for SUP, & she decided to join us.

My Friend Clair just posted pictures from our day so I decided to post a shot of me on the SUP.

The sun came out for our little event. It was a nice relaxing paddle with a few friends. Very enjoyable. Although I am always the one bringing up the rear. I need to work on my paddling technique. Oh well I still liked it and it was a work out. Since I have been a bit stressed for more reasons than one, It was much needed after the Christmas Holiday! Afterwards a few of us went to check out the surf across PCH to see if it got any better. Just BIG Walls. That came crashing down all at once. One girl pointed out after a huge thunderous clump..she said, "well that sounded Bone Crushing"...we decided to carry on with our New Years Eve, and most went on their way.

3 of us Artie, Tracy and I , decided to go and get lunch at "The Secret Spot" was pretty good I had a Vegetarian Italian sandwich with pesto and provolone. Yum. We chatted and had a bit of bonding time. Just when I think I cant love these girls any more than I do. I needed to talk and just have girl time. I got much needed insight and support from them. I am so Lucky to have them in my life.

Then we went to go look at some used boards at the Frog House and Bruce Jones.(Tracy is looking for a used 8-0.) Artie said good-bye at the Frog House. Tracy and I carried on to Bruce Jones. We, Met Bruce, he is very much a sweetheart. Talked to us about boards and I learned a bit. I always love getting free knowledge.

Well after that Tracy had to go, so she could get ready for her New Years Festivities.. I was not ready for my trek inland, so I decided to just hang out and sit on the beach.
ALL of a sudden the fog came back and it got cold.

So I sat there. With not much of a view, but listening to the Ocean and Waves Crash,Fog Horns off in the distance...It was very nourishing and Soul Soothing. I loved and needed that. I also decided to take a walk and walked down the shore of Sunset Beach to Bolsa, then walked a bit more and turned around and came back.

Decided to sit and listen again, meditate a bit. I was getting cold, I could barely feel my fingers. THEN the Fog parted and the sun started peeking through. It was weird as the sun started shining I was right in its path. Didn't shine to the left or right of me..but RIGHT directly in front of me, IT was like the sun shone for me. Very bizarre, but very beautiful.

I kinda needed that whole day and all I experienced. WHAT an amazing way to end the very last day of the Year. I finally left at 4:45 to head home and get ready for my New Years Eve with my Grandson and my son and his fiance and her family. We had an amazing dinner.

Honestly.. even though I had not one drop of alcohol and could not surf, and didn't even make it to midnight, (fell asleep around 11). I think there was something very Special about this New Years Eve...and can't wait to see what 2012 is gonna Bring! HAPPY NEW YEARS I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR 2012!


  1. Yeah...I get the same feeling when Mother Ocean throws me a bone and casually supplies a much needed set wave in my direction! Happy 2012!

  2. Sounds like a great day. Nice to be by the water on New Years Eve, even though my water was the Hudson River rather than the ocean :-) Thanks for the book rec and all the best for the coming year!