Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am neglecting my blog

I know I know I know.. I figure who really reads this anyway???..I kinda just started doing it as a hobby. I wanted to start writing ...but I have become lazy and neglectful.. Well in my defense I have become busy and a bit overwhelmed. I have not surfed as much as I would like..and this weather lately sure is not helping. I have however, still been hanging with my surf gals, and a few guys..watching surfing videos on the Internet, reading surf magazines and books, and still almost every conversation I have.. Surfing somehow becomes a part of it. So Yes.. surfing is a BIG part of my everyday life.. even if, my board and I are not out in the Pacific. I think it is funny and a bit enchanting how something can take over you and everything you do.. It is such a spiritual thing, I have no other words to describe it. Almost every part of my life has improved because of this surfing.. I don't even think labeling it as a "sport" is good enough.. it is more of an experience..I have come to the conclusion.. you either LOVE it or you don't and people who don't surf.. Just don't get it..


A few updates..
I have been working full time now.
Doing online classes for my job to get my Real Estate License.
My soldier is in Afghanistan and doing well.. WISH he was home!
That Grand baby I talked about... is due ANY DAY NOW!!!

So yeah.. that is about it in a nutshell.

If I don't post in a while. I would like to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.. and if you are in California.. try to stay warm and dry.. it is some crazy weather out there right now!

and if it clears up anytime soon..... see ya in the surf!


  1. So cool to see you have a blog out here! If I could say one thing I would say not to give up blogging even if you can't make it out on your board into the Pacific. I live in the Gulf Coast so I have to pray very hard for waves to come my way. So I am very thankful when this occurs! I find blogging about surfing, sailing and along with my other passions very relaxing. As a mom and a wife it is my own time to connect with my hobbies and learn more about this wild world we live on! My family has supported me all the way and for that I am thankful. I do find encouragement from woman who do surf, because in a manner of speaking there are not many of us out there that have families and surf. Happy Holidays! Thanks for being a dedicated surfer! I will make a link for you on my page! If you are ever out this way I would be happy to surf with you! Surfing door is always open! :0)

  2. You will be surfing again soon enough. Since it just rained, I'm not rushing to get back out in the water. Now they say it's going to rain again. Bleh! Nonetheless, the waves will be there. Our boards won't run away. And, yes, life is better with surfing . . . especially for us moms!