Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still here

Yes I am still here.. just been EXTREMELY BUSY.. the soldier will be home in a few, and I am getting my house in order, .. my husband is working on a fishing boat. He is rarely home, so I have been doing most of this by myself, and with the help of my sons, when I can pull them away from their busy between that and so much more, I have been a bit busy and my time is the most precious thing..and there is just not enough hours in the day lately.. as I am typing this I need to get ready for work. LOL.. but I felt obligated to post something.

Since my last post I did get out one time.. Because I was short on time and had an appointment. I was only able to get in the water for an hour.. I did not catch a wave..but I still loved being out there. I was determined to make some time to surf. So I did..even if it was short.
I had a few people give me pointers..which I appreciate.. I love friendly surfers.. I have to admit... I don't think anyone has been unfriendly yet. If they have.. i just have not noticed.

I really want to get out this weekend..but I just have so much to still do, and since my husband has very limited days or should I say day off.. I have to make time for him too.

So I will do my best to keep all posted..and I will do my best to get out there a few more times before it gets cold.

Gotta run....will be late for work if I don't....till next post!

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