Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What 2 Dawn Patrols in 1 week?!?! And 2 blog posts??!

Who is this person typing right now?? 2 DP in one week???! So not me! 

Yeah!!!!  I did it again got up at 5:00 to surf again..
However traffic was backed up .. Accident on 91.. Put me 20 minutes behind..
Still got in and got mine .. A lil after the sun was up I was in H20 about 6:30 and and out at 7:10..
that thing called a job got in the way of me staying out longer! 

Caught waves and wanted to work on a few things .
 Like ..  I was trying to cross step backwards and step down to swing my board around after my ride.. I really suck at that! I'm sure people watching from shore were saying to themselves ... What the hell is that girl doing??? Oh well.. 
I had fun and caught 10 rides in 40 minutes!! 

Must be the New Board!! 

Oh yeah that!! Ha .. Yep got a new board by my fav gal Valerie at Mere-Made Surfboards!!

She plays in the water and rides just as beautiful as she looks!! 
I shall blog about her next! Oh and also about a blog fan "Bron" who flew all the way from Australia just to meet me and Valerie!!! 
JK... She planned her families vacay.. and we were lucky she chose California!!
Stay tune ... More to come!! 
I need to get to work.. Although .. I really want a nap! Ha! 

Guess who's back!!! 😘


  1. showcasing my board is a good reason to blog LOL ;))))))) Take good care of Esmeralda. She is one (if not the most) of the most difficult artwork I have ever made on a surfboard. I was very inspired as you pick my favorite theme and colors!!!! Have fun playing in the waves with "Esmee"!

  2. "Yay" to Bron and her lovely family. Once again meeting blogger friends for the first time did not disappoint!!! Our little international lunch was priceless. Great time with great friends!

  3. Hey I can't believe you did it!! Well done! It was so wonderful to meet you and Valerie and I had an awesome time surfing south Cal! Your Esmerelda is just a complete work of art - so beautiful and worthy of hanging on the wall! Keep up the DPs and so glad to see you blogging again!
    Bron x