Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bolsa Vs. Blackies

Oops I did it again.. I switch the title from last week...see what I did there? You would if you are paying attention to my blog !!
surfed Blackies ankle slappers with hubs on Monday ...water was still cold and waves are still SMAAAAAAL!
Said ankle slappers at Blackies..
Seriously.. I caught 10 waves with my 8'0 in this!!

But we had not seen each other in a week and he wanted to surf.. so we met at Blackies.(I am still away from home petsitting)Even though it was small it was still fun. I figure I must be getting better..because I out surfed hubs who was riding a 9'0 and I my 8'0... But in his defense he had a swollen elbow...

Any way it was fun about 2 hours and I caught 10 waves!! They were short and sweet but hey a wave is a wave ... Especially when you don't have much to choose from!

Then the next day I surfed Bolsa ... Again small but bigger than Blackies!! And I had fun again... I only caught nice  3 lefts ... Again got a compliment from another surfer who just got out.. Wow.. 2 compliments by two different guys at Bolsa in less than a week... Who would have thought????
Well back to my story 
And...one close out and one wipe out!! 

Saw the pod of Dolphins again with the babies in the line up...way cool!! And Kim from Blackies joined me for a session at Bolsa.. Her first time there!! 

Also surfed with Irma, and Laura... Well I saw them ... They paddled further down ...
And Greg was there too!

I surfed for a little over an hour... I'm having problems breathing while paddling out... Im also having problems breathing while running ... In wheezing and running outbid breathe sooner than usual... Don't know if I'm getting sick ... Or out of shape..But honestly .. Since that time I has bronchitis/pneumonia ... I have not been the same and sometimes I have episodes... And I did that day...hmmm

Oh well still a fun day...

Done with this petsit by the Beach... So see you in the water next week!!

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