Thursday, February 7, 2013

A few Updates!! Pabs Paddle out and My last time surfing my Birthday!

(I just want to say I LOVE this picture of I took it from his page)
OK I just now read his friend posted on Pabs blog...after i posted this picture..that Pabs ashes were spread out at his surf spot with his surf friends up North at Camel Rock.. so wondering if this picture I just picked to post..IS that Camel Rock in the background??? If so that is a coincidence and I think its very cool!!!!

OK so a few updates....I have a few things going on.. gee never a dull moment!

LETS START WITH NEXT WEEKS PADDLE OUT FOR PABS!! So if you are interested in attending and have not contacted me please do. ALSO I changed the location.. STILL AT BOLSA CHICA..but at Tower 27!! I repeat Tower 27!! That is the lot furthest north of the State Beach and if need be and you cannot pay for the parking.. you can park behind Jack in the Box or along the greenbelt and walk in.( side note,, it is the weekend and it can get crowded by the greenbelt and behind Jack in the Box.)

So everything else is the same Saturday Feb. 16th, at 9:00 AM at Bolsa Chica State Beach at TOWER 27!!!!

Look forward to seeing you all there..WISH it was better circumstances but I am sure Pabs wants us celebrating his life and send him out with lots of love and stoke!!

Now last time I surfed..It was my birthday a week ago today. .. I did not take any pictures..I don't know why???..

When we first pulled up to Blackies.. it looked very small.. I just said "Well Surf Gods are not smiling on me for my Birthday".. But I decided It was a sunny,however cold morning.. it was my Birthday and I was going in regardless. Besides I already put in 5 hours at the meter!! I was just happy seeing a few of the Blackies crew AND!!! My friends got a new puppy, a cute Golden Doodle, I am so in love.. but if you know me I LOVE DOGS!! Yep and she stole my heart..So seeing everyone and puppy love,,started off a great day!

As for Surf....

I had a fricken blast! My hubs and few friends joined me as we went out and surfed. Surf was only 1'-2' with a few 3'.. It looked smaller and seem like our surf window was small,so if we were gonna do it...better do it now. BUT I surfed for 2 1/2 hours..I switched boards a few times..took Tallulah out of retirement..{My first board a 9'0 for those of you who don't know or remember}..Because, I thought I would seriously need a big board for that day..So my first couple waves I caught on her.. took me a minute to remember how to surf on her. I purled my first take off and had to remember.. oh yeah flatter nose. After A few rides on her..I used my hubs new board 9'0, single fin it is wider than Tallulah and has more of a rocker up front...He only let me catch one wave on that.. well two if you count the white water I caught to figure out where to stand.. He took the board away from me after that..He either did not want to sit out there on my pink and purple flowered board..or just wanted to play with his new toy.. YEP he got a new toy even though it was my Birthday..hmmmmmmm!!!!

Any way that is a long story and I will save it for another day.

Then I went back and changed out boards and took out my true love "MO" 8'0 favorite board to date. Surf did get a little bigger more 3 footers so Mo was lots of fun at that point..

I caught 15 waves that day.. well one was white wash and 2 were close outs..but STILL!!! EVERYONE who surfed with me that day caught waves..everyone left Happy and Smiling.. WHAT A GREAT BIRTHDAY PARTY AT BLACKIES!!

Some of my friends came by to say Happy Birthday and left to surf HB.. Or surfed HB and came after..because as I said looked like the Surf Gods at Blackies were not smiling on my Birthday..BUT actually they really were!!!

Another update.. I don't want to jinx it..but I have been interviewing,(a lot of interviews!!) at an office in North OC with a variety of Agents..and Think????? fingers crossed maybe...I have a job.. its a tad complicated to get into, and I don't want to jinx it..but I am hoping I will be employed soon and with an income that can support my family and account for the commuting! Since it seems my unemployment just ran out..and I cant figure out if I got an extension or not.. DON'T even get me started on that. I want to be off unemployment so bad.. I just want to work, and want an average income! I have put a lot of energy "positive" in this.. SO fingers crossed people.. fingers crossed.

Any way..currently lucky me I am again pet/house sitting at my friends home..the one where I take all my sunset photos.. Maybe if I am lucky I can get some from now till Sunday..but it is pretty overcast right now here at the beach, so we will see!

Again PLEASE contact me if you have not already regarding Pabs Paddle out... I know there are a few of you who read my blog and other blogs along with One Man Crowd..If you knew Pabs, or Blog, or Surf ..You are welcome to attend!


  1. I will be thinking of you tomorrow as you have your paddle out for Pabs. When I have my surf in the morning I will be thinking of you all and sending love and peace. Yours, Bron x