Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 2 at San Elijo & The Meeting of Pabs!

Next morning we wake up and its low tide.  I notice we had a visitor in our campsite the night before.. He or she left some evidence on our Table.

After I cleaned and sanitized our table. I make coffee which took FOREVER... next time 7 11 on the corner. HA! Then we eat a lite breakfast  nonfat yogurt and a hard boiled egg. We were deciding  if we are even are going to go in.

We are all extremely tired from yesterday. Plus not sleeping in our own beds and the train goes by and is loud at night. Although Tracy and I didn't hear it in Lola. =).

But a few others did and one of the girls doggy, Sabre, was throwing up in their tent and had diarrhea all night
Then some of the girls who parked off site got parking tickets. I guess you can only park on a certain side of the main street. There obviously were signs.. but no one seem to see them. Between that and the flat yesterday.. we were all thinking wow where is this trip taking us. But regardless we all stayed in great spirits.. we were all tired, But Happy!

Well as some of us were just chilling.. we decided we would save our energy to surf later. When Cynthia came running back and we thought something happen to someone. She said NO surf looks fun I am going in!!

So How are we too pass up an oppurtunity when it was so done in a SURFS UP GOTTA GO style.? She said everyone is catching waves...and it was just tooo fun sounding..
We all hurried to get our suits on. This time I surfed in my shorty..BUT I am 10 lbs heavier than last time I wore it.. I am so surprised I did not bust out at the seams. BUT it zipped I could move my arms.. so that is all that mattered. Again I put on my fancy booties..but so did a few other girls.. so I didnt look too goofy.. at least there was a group of us..maybe we started a new fashion trend..spring suits and bootys!
I like this shot ^

I am so glad we decided to surf, that was the only surf session that day. I had a ball!!  Also we found a place just a tad North of  where we surfed the day before that had less kelp and sea grass.. DON'T get me wrong it was still grassy and yucky and ewe... but better!!! I caught 2 rides on Mo. Then I took my friends 9'0 Walden, which had her go pro attached. She got a good shot of me. I love it and a video. BUT I am not sure how to post the video yet. Or if I even want to with my "Grandma Crawl style Pop Up"
But it was the first time I rode her board and it felt weird. I caught 2 rides on her. I think, I caught a few rides  on a few different boards that morning, I can't remember how many on what board?
Then I borrowed my friends 9'6 Harbor.. yeah I caught quite a few on that board. That was fun!! Although it was my first time on a single fin. It felt a bit weird. Not really wobbly but different.

Tracy rode Mo and said it was fun and understood what I meant when I said Mo catches waves and just glides with a floating experience! She also rode Artie's board..I didn't try that ..but next time I hope too.

Well after that fun session! We were all starving and went to Union in Encinitas to eat. We were gonna hit up Swamis, but it usual was packed, and thought it would be nice to try something different. I had a bison burger, and a bacon bloody mary.! YUM And YUM!( I prob should not have eaten that..but I was soo hungry)

Then we walked around the Hansen Surf Shop, they were having a fund raiser outside so some of the us did the cake walk and Laurie scored a  lemon sponge cake for dessert later that night,.
Hot surf chicks.. Laurie, Tracy and I in Lola!
After we got back we just chilled In Lola, Tracy and I bought some San Elijo sweatshirts. Then before you knew it, it was time to get things ready for dinner and our bond fire.
(Oh my goodness.. my belly is so big in this pix... I joke I have a  food camping baby!) I ate & drank so much and gained 5lbs after this trip.. needless to say I am on after surf camp trip detox.. HA!

Valerie and Pabs showed up! It was my first meeting with Pabs..and I have to say a few of the girls were a lil  smitten by him.  ;-)..( YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!) He is quite handsome you can see in the pix! Of course Valerie is quite a cutie too and her lil french accent is killer! Let me tell you.. their charm and sweetness is exactly as it is when you read their blogs! Us surf bloggers are pretty cool peeps.. if I do say so myself. I have not met one I didn't admire... so far I met 3. Surf Sista was the first, then Valerie and Now Pabs...KK and DD and I have had a few misses.. BUT soon we shall surf together!

They brought me my fav wine.. Rodney Strong.. (take note everyone ;-) )..but Valerie didn't even know it was my fav!

They stayed and helped with dinner.But had other dinner arrangements.
I played somewhere over the rainbow on the Uke for them.. although it really was not my best performance.. I am not that good to begin with. BUT when everyone is starring at you.. It really does put you on the spot!

We say goodbye and plan for a surf session in the morning around 9'sh.

After that it was dinner time, then we gathered and chit chat around the fire. After everyone went to bed.. some of the "Hot Flashes" our pseudo surf string group practiced a bit. Then when we were too tired to strum, we called it a night.(I cant believe we have no pictures of us playing?!?!?!!)

I wanted to go and see and listen to the ocean one more time before bed. So that is what we all did. It was relaxing and bit of zen moment. What a nice feeling before heading off to bed. 

Stay tune for part 3 and the final chapter of our surf camp experience....

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  1. Totally agree with your statement. From my own experience: people blog like they are. A blog is an extension of yourself (like a e-diary). Never been disappointed. So glad I came across your blog and became your friend.
    PS: on your next Mere-made surfboard I will install a GoPro plug on the nose (it is the size of a leash plug!). Cool action pictures indeed.