Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I went to the US open today... Day 4...

I have so much to post about it...It was a crazy great day for me , for so many reasons!.....

.....but one if my fav parts would totally have to be that I met Rob Machado!!

I had just arrived and walking to the beach didn't even get to the village area yet... Was texting my friend Irma to see where she was, she scored me an official US Open umbrella too :-). So I was already pretty stoked on that.. And happy I would be able to see one of my all time fav surfers RM....
I was hoping I would be lucky enough to get a pix ... But was trying not to get my hopes up .. Then.....

I ran into him ... I mean I literally ran into him,I was not in HB but 5 minutes!! I had to step aside so he could get by .... He was wearing a hoodie.. I think he was trying to be discreet..Then I looked up to say excuse me and saw those amazing eyes and cute smile.. wait what??? Could it be??? No no I'm not that lucky then I said "Rob?" .... Yeah ...as If I know him , ha! Then this is basically how it went down from then on....
He smiled and said yes... i said it is you!! I came here today just to see you surf ,can I please have a picture with you? He said yes ,and took off his hoodie to expose that beautiful signature mane of his.. How cool of him right???...and of course star struck me babbled about my blog and that I just surfed Encinitas last week... Because that is where he is from.. Poor guy had to put up with that for a minute..lol...sorry it had to be the hair!!! It has a hypnotic power of its own ... I'm telling you!

A passerby offered to take our pix if he could have a pix with him as well..
I felt bad as if I just exposed Rob ... But he was so great about it all.. I even said sorry and he said no worries Or something like that.. I said good luck out there today and he flashed that sweet smile and said Thanks..

But seriously he is one of the nicest guys! I'm happy I ran into him!

I have more to report, like I got a few more pix , with A few other surfers too... But I will post more later ... I'm tired and just wanted to put this out there today ...:-) again I have no makeup on... And am still not completely awake ha! But don't look at me .. Look at the beautiful person we know as Rob Machado!


  1. J-E-A-L-O-U-S !!!!!!!!!
    I am glad you got to meet your favorite surfer. Very cool picture!

  2. Why are you jealous ? He is basically your neighbor ...... Right?.... You must see him all the time ;-)!

    You know I was thinking about how many great things come out of Encinitas.....

    Good friend name Valerie
    My favorite surfboard "Mo" made by said friend
    My Rail Grabber .. Which is an arm saver when I remember to use it
    Linda Benson of course
    Good waves
    Favorite campsite
    And drum roll please ... Rob Machado!

    That does it I'm moving ;-)

  3. noooo waaaaaaay that is sooo cool!!!! rob machado!! one of my favorites too! he's so stylish. did u get a lock of his hair as a gift? hahahahaha

  4. HELL YES! I saw the pic of RM and HAD TO CHECK THIS OUT. Totally awesome! Yeah, I am UBER JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. No guys don't be jealous ... Be happy for me :-).... After all I am sharing him with all of you !!!

    1. Of course you are happy for you :)
      our jealousy comes with a big smiley to say : "hey this is awsome!"... It is not real (angy) jealousy :)

  6. Very Nice picture. It is a superb souvenir. Happy for you from south Brittany France !!!

    1. Thank You Nat!! I had the best time! I also went in the last day the finals .... I sidnt harras any pro surfers then.. but was mere feet away feom Kelly Slater in just a towel! I also am so happy to have someone from France read and enjoy my blog :-)!
      Thank you again!

  7. Oh, your welcome, your blog is really cool!! And you know, i like reading about women surfing wherever in thé world. So it s me that I thank you !!!