Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What makes a surfer girl sad?

Well besides the fact this pix is taken at work, when of course I would rather be in the water or near a beach for that matter and not stuck in an office behind a computer...Not complaining.. I am lucky to currently have a job!

IS that stupid stupid weather.. when the Surf forecast finally looks good!!! This is the biggest I would ever go out in. I am still comfortable with 2-3 or 3-4..BUT this is still doable. Besides it is usually not accurate anyway! HA!

OF course When there is a fun surf event plan for this Saturday..A St. Patricks day surf with friends and beer to follow. IT is suppose to be the Biggest rain of the Season on Saturday!! UGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Well at least there will still be BEER!!! oh and FRIENDS!!! ;-)

Here is too a Happy St. Patricks Day.. even if we can't surf!
... and please be smart and safe DON'T drink and drive, especially if it is raining!

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