Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mixed Feelings

So I mentioned earlier on in a previous post... about my husband and that one day he was gonna learn to surf. Well today was that day. He went out on the water on a 2-3 nice day at Blackies with our friend Natalie. She is the amazing friend, who took me out the first time. I also had friends out there looking for him for me, as I had to be at work and he really didn't want me around the first time out. He was not there my first time out. So that is only fair.

Now he is a bit cocky..but I guess most guys are. LOL. So he makes his snide remarks about surfing to me. How when he starts, he will surf circles around me. How 4' waves really don't look all that big, and I am wuss. I got the comments when I first started.. why don't I look like my other friends my age who surf?(not physically, but surf ability) because I do have to say after 5 kids and being a grandma.. I look pretty DAMN GOOD FOR MY MIDDLE AGED SELF!

BUT on the positive side He really has been very supportive. He is just a smart A$$. Honestly I have heard him brag to people about my surfing. So He is proud of me. He really is happy about it.
I don't know if he started surfing, for competition with me, Or if he was getting a bit jealous, Or if he thought it is something we can do together. Usually if he goes with me when I surf. He either stands on shore and watches, or shore fishes.

So.. I was wondering how he would do. Part of me wanted him to fail. Just so I could go ..HA HA!.. I also want him to know how hard it is. This was a challenge for me..and I wanted it to be for him..but I also wanted him to love it as much as I do. Can you tell we have been together a while? Almost 16 years, but married for over 10!

Now I knew going in, he had a few things on his side. 1) he is a guy and lets face it guys are physically stronger, More upper body strength and all. 2) HE works on the ocean every day, He is a captain and a deckhand on sport-fishing boats and has been for years. So I know he not only has the sea in his blood, and loves the Ocean, He also has sea legs and good balance. SOMETHING I AM STILL WORKING ON. 3) He is also 6 years younger than I. (No I am not a cougar, he stalked me LOL, and as I said I am damn good looking ;-)..) SO he has age on his side as well.

So my friend messages me and says
"Saw Brian surfing.... He's good. I think there are 2 surfers in the family now"

Well Great!!

I talked to him afterward. He has the stoke.. I can hear it in his voice. He said he is sore and his arms are numb and he is tired. He wanted to go in and Natalie would not let him. I heard he popped up in the white wash, but did have a little difficulty getting outside. He did get outside eventually..BUT I heard he did take to it pretty well. They surfed from 8:20 till 9:00 and took a break and then went back out at 9:15. I heard after 45 minutes he was exhausted. I think they surfed a total of about an hour.

Now Blackies is a short paddle out. So I am happy it was a bit hard for him. It was only 2'-3' Which is fun to me. BUT he said were big. I remember when 2-3 was big to me. But in all honosty...4 and up gets my heart pumping.I really do not like to go out any bigger than 4.

Well..the good and bad. I am happy he is surfing.. Don't know if he will like it as much as I. If he does and surfing takes hold of him as it did me, it could change him for the better. He is a bit "high-strung" and this could mellow him. HOWEVER.. I am a bit jealous, because Surfing was my thing. My SPECIAL THING.. and FISHING was his. I do see another positive. If he loves it as much as I do.. that could be good. HOWEVER EXPENSIVE. YIKES.. more wet-suits and boards in our future..Our garage is already packed with Fishing poles and equipment. I am having space issues with my 2 boards, Foamy and Tallulah, and was wondering where I was gonna put my third,(oh did I mention I am having a custom board made by Mere Made Surfboards, Um yep at the glasser as we speak) It is my Christmas/Birthday gift..and I am due for another board.

Since my daughter surfs as well, she uses the foamy for now.(BUT she does not need to, and we need to get her another board) We now have 3 SURFERS in the family. SO I guess the family that "surfs" together stays together......

BUT you know what this means now.. don't you? If he out surfs me... I will just have to learn how to out fish him. So I guess I may have to get one of our "fishing" friends to take me out and teach me how! LOL


  1. My husband is the good surfer in the family. We rarely surf together as we take turn to watch the kids but honestly, the few times we surfed together were not that great. I like going with my friends better ;) However he and I can share experiences and thoughts about our passion. Plus, he's a great coach, specially when I have bad surfing days, he always find the words to cheer me up. Support and love, that is why husbands are made for ;)

  2. The mixed feelings are understandable. We all, regardless of which spouse it is, need things that we do that are separate from our other halves. The good thing about not having a surfing spouse is that you can leave all of the bullshit from home . . . at home. However, one thing I have seen from my married friends who surf together is that they generally give one another space. They don't always surf in the same spot when they're surfing at the same time. With one couple in particular, it's typical to see him about a lifeguard tower away from her. It's not that they don't get along. It's just that their surfing lives don't mix. So they keep their distance from one another when in the water. Then, when one is ready to get out, they give each other the signal and they leave.

    Here's the good thing about your spouse beginning to surf: it's just going to inspire you to surf harder and better. You'll see.

  3. My husband and I don't really surf together when we are out in the water at the same time. Probably more my choice than his but I like to have my space. I don't know if it's because I feel competitive or self-conscious or what but just prefer it that way. But, like has been said, it will give you both another way to connect and understanding.