Monday, December 12, 2011

Surfing Safari..Celebrity Style

awww The infamous words from the beach boys.

I have been reading about a lot of female celebs trying surfing lately..and I have also read a lot of negative comments about it. Got me thinking is all...

I have read. Lindsy Lohan, Lady gaga..( < honestly that one surprised me, along with the next one) Reese Witherspoon, have all recently gave surfing a go. Also there is Minnie Driver, Vanessa Hudgens, Helen Hunt, Maggie Gyllenhal and Avril Lavigne to name a few... Don't believe me.. google it there are pictures.

What I don't get.. WHY are people so upset about it???.. Especially other surfers. Do they feel they own the ocean? I am an advocate for everyone should try surfing..maybe it is because of how much I love it and how much it does for me.. I want people to feel the same way. I am all for sharing the waves..However.. I would like to work out a time schedule at some of the more crowded breaks. Ha HA!

But really I just read on a Surfers Magazine Facebook Post regarding a picture of Lindsy Lohan with surf manager/agent Blair Marlin. There were some very negative comments. I know she has been in the news with a lot of negativity lately..BUT she is still a human a being.. and MAYBE surfing can quiet the fire in her soul and help take away the addictions and demons she is dealing with. Cut the girl some slack will ya!

With Lady Gaga... I read a few negative comments..that are too stupid and immature to mention. She actually looks like she got the surfing thing down. GOOD FOR HER!!

I really don't understand Why people are upset.. Are female celebrity's not allowed to surf? Is the feeling mutual about Male Celebrity surfers? I really don't see as much negative comments about them.... Is it mostly guys that feel this way?.. Is it because they are celebrities and more public figure that these comments are made?.. would they be made about me too as I am learning to surf if I was famous?

Just wondering.... as I read surfing articles..these thoughts are swimming through my mind..and wanted to see what others thought.


  1. I've spoken to Helen Hunt on two occasions while surfing. I saw no hint of a prima donna. She is quite nice.

  2. i don't really understand what the whole problem is either... i usually stray away from negativity, especially while surfing. surf is my passion, and the Ocean is my temple. i don't want any negativity surrounding my place of worship and fervor.

    if a celebrity is starting to surf, so be it! they are human too! they'll either like it, or not like it. i suppose it's easier to critique a celebrity since their life is in the lime light... would the same people writing all those negative comments say the same things if lindsay lohan wasn't so infamous?

  3. @ SS.. yeah really no negativity regarding Helen.. I just put her name in the list of Female surfers who are celebs.. I just read or heard somewhere when Soul Surfer came out. Some surfers said something along the lines of great now we will have more kooks in the water, Like when they make movies about a dog bread everyone goes and buys that dog.. now everyone is gonna want to surf... But nothing really negative directed towards Helen..I personally found so many positive great messages in Soul Surfer and think Bethany is a Great Inspiration. I really am disgusted with some of the meat-head replies and or remarks...and I hate to say it mostly made by guys...but I have to admit I do know a few female surfers with kind of the same attitude. =(

    KK I agree.... My point is in regards to the negativity..almost every surfer I meet is so chill and spiritual, I hang with a good positive group.. and that is how you should feel in the water..but there are a few that feel entitled to the Ocean and like they are the GODS of surfing and no one else should be doing it.. YOU know the ones! Also in same tune with this post about female surfers. I Heard that Dusty Payne just recently made a negative comment regarding female surfers..BUT I have no idea what that comment was??? I just get upset when I am at my computer reading surf blogs and articles or anything surf related to get my stoke on while not in the water and see such negative comments. I don't understand the purpose.. JUST like that guy who commented so negatively in regards to a post Surf Sista wrote for Josh's blog.. WHY the NEGATIVITY?

  4. I too don't understand the negativity. The only way I can explain it is having discovered something amazing and not wanting others to get in on the secret. With celebrities, I think that it is because they are so overexposed and the sense that they are getting into surfing because it seems cool and trendy, not because they really "get" what surfing is all about.

    Dusty Payne made a comment during the filming of the movie Lost Atlas that girls are “terrible” at surfing and just sit on the boat waiting for the surf to die down to 1 foot waves so they can do their tail slides. There was also a lot of talk around Carissa Moore being given a wild card spot in the first two events of the Vans Triple Crown this year. (

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  6. I saw Lady Gaga's surfing picture and she was nicely standing up on he board... except she had the leash on the wrong foot but, hey, who knows, she might want to start a new trend in surfing too ;)

  7. Pabs!!! I was wondering about you.. I went to your blog and it didnt exist.. I got worried! Glad to see you and will check out your new blog!