Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lake Blackies

As this pictures shows.. "Lake Blackies" and Dave's paddle board in the shot, just confirms it!

I have not posted since I surfed. Halloween and work and others stuff just consumed me. Last time I surfed was last Friday. Really nothing to report. The ocean looked more like a lake. However it was a warm morning and the water was so clean even though the water was cold, I went in just for the sake of getting wet. I caught one lil ride, that was it. I did however make some new friends as I stood in my wet wet suit for over an hour waiting to see if the tide change would bring anything.. BUT nope nothing. While talking to my new friends, I learned I should either get a smaller center fin, or take the two outer ones off and see how I surf then. I believe I will try that next time I get out... if I get out any time soon... I am still getting over Bronchitis and surfing in the colder water is not helping me get any better. So I figure I should try and rest a bit. AGAIN! I am so restless AND I am getting irritated with one thing or another keeping me out of the water and preventing me from surfing. But oh well...

OH and in other news. That same day.. a Sheriffs boat was was sitting by the pier for a while. I was watching it, wondering why it was there and what it was doing. I thought hmm maybe a body or possibly a shark sighting. Funny, when I came out of the water my buddy Rick, came up to me and asked if I knew why the Harbor Patrol was there? I said I had my suspicions. He confirmed it was more than likely a shark. I guess they call Harbor Patrol if the shark is big enough to cause concern. I could have paddled to the boat, it was not far from us at all. THE water that day besides being very cold was crystal clear too, and there was a LOT of bait fish swimming around. I figured if it was a shark, I am sure the bait fish is what drew it close to shore. Oh well No harm. BUT what sits in the back of my mind is Rick's words.. "Big enough to cause concern"..How big is that?


  1. So long as you do not look like a seal (short-boarder) from underneath, then all is good with Sharky...though they do occasionally take a nip out of a long-board, but more out of curiosity than an actual attack.
    I surf with a big single-fin, all the way forward in the fin box...I consider myself the "classic" surfer type.

  2. for the sake of getting our feet wet. i think that's a great reason to paddle out on any day. even if it is flat.

    and usually, i would be concerned with sharks from around the 8 foot range to 12 foot range, because that is the size of a young adult, which are usually more aggressive and "experiment" with what they can and cannot eat. usually we only get five foot sand sharks in LA, but SD, OC, and up north get a sharky waters.

  3. @ Pabs.. I really hope my 9' pink board is confusing for any shark.. LOL I am hoping Sharks are not color blind ;-)
    @ KK.. sometimes getting wet is all that is needed on a flat day to soothe the soul..However any ride on those days is much appreciated and welcomed as well!

  4. At least you have some one watching you in the harbor! Just curious too about the fins, did they say why less fins? Always like to learn new things. It would be interesting to do a fin experiment but you would need consistent waves types to prove the best theory.