Saturday, August 13, 2011

Part 2 Tim O' Neil's Paddle Out

Nice tribute to a fellow Blackie Surfer! Hope he is catching Big Fish and Waves in Heaven!
Our contribution to the memory of Tim. My husband took an old picture from the fishing boat he works on. I blew it up to an 8x10 for him. My husband has known Tim for years. He use to chat with Tim in the winter at Blackies while I was out surfing. As I was going out, he was coming in.
This is how my husband and his fellow fishing friend Betty wanted to say Goodbye to their friend.
I think it is a nice gesture. I Can't say I have really "MET" Tim. But I surf the same break he did. I have seen him out there..and I believe he has given me a few pointers. while I was in the water. If I remember correctly, I think he is the one who told me how to lay correctly on my board while paddling out. TOLD me to keep my feet on the board. In the beginning I would occasionally use my feet to try and balance and they hung off the side of the board. Glad to say I have not done that since I was told not to.
My husband and few of our friends. A couple more showed up after we left. But obviously I didn't get their pix. There were also a lot of fellow surfing freinds of Tim.. the Fishing Crew didn't know the Surf crew. But They ALL knew Tim and Loved him dearly.

The Following Link is a post Surfline did on Tim... the best thing about all this.. He went out doing what he LOVED.. I hope when my time comes... I could be just as lucky!

REST IN PEACE TIM! Every time I am at Blackies I will think of you!


  1. I hope Tim is getting the best rides up there.

  2. It looked like a very nice memorial.

  3. What a nice tribute and way to remember him. I'm sure his friends and family will really appreciate such sentiments. Hopefully he's in surfing nirvana now.