Monday, May 23, 2011


I had to share! Our mailbox stand was starting to fall over and our neighbor offered to make a new one. Since my husband is finally busy in the world of Sport fishing and is not home as much, he was not able to do it. I think Our neighbor DAVE did a great job. Since our old mail box was looking a lot tattered..We decided to get a new one, to go with the new stand. NOW I was looking into one of those fancy fish ones. Since the hubs is an avid fisherman. BUT they are a bit pricey and I can see someone trying to steal it or damaging it. ALSO hey I get mail too and it is my house. HA! So I decided on a plain white mail box with my own personal touch. I got this sticker for my Birthday and was gonna put it on my car.. IF I ever get my own car again..but thought this would be better!
I also have a KS10 sticker on the front where I think technically my address number should be. HA! Hope my mailman enjoys it as much as me!!!

In other news.. was suppose to surf San O this past Saturday.. something I have not done yet.. and really want to do. BUT I was not feeling up to my ole self. AND I heard the waves were pretty big.. TOO big for me. Also the weather seemed a bit chilly. SO I did not go! I heard the paddle out was long and very hard also. I think I would be dead if I attempted it. BUT I am glad a few of my friends had a great time.

Now the next time I may be able to surf, will be the Holiday Weekend..& I am not quite sure if I want to attempt that yet, After All I just got Tallulah fixed from last time I surfed a crowded break!!!!!!!


  1. Is the sticker available for purchasing online? I want it for my car!!!! It is a really cool sticker! It looks good on your mail box ;)

  2. Hey Surfmama.. Actually it was a gift from my friend. I believe she bought it while on vacation in Hawaii the weeks prior to my Birthday..But I am sure if you look on line you may be able to find one or something similar. =)Also I wanted to post the pix of us.. even though I look Horrible in it.. but I cant find my cord that connects my camera to the computer. FUNNY everyone uses my laptop,and the bag I keep my laptop in is where the cord was last..but no one seems to know what i am talking about.. I have lots of nice pix of my daughter too..So I hope I find it soon. Let me know if you find the sticker and THANKS I think it rocks my mailbox too =)..I have been getting lots of compliments about it!

  3. Mahalo!! G.M.
    One men One wave.
    Nob miura ☮