Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Year

Well less than a week ago I had another Birthday.. We all get one every year. HA..
I wish I could say I got some killer waves on my special day. But I chose a day at one of my favorite places to relax. Glen Ivy Hot Springs. If you have never been there. You don't know what you are missing. It is where I go for total relaxation.

Any way the weekend before my Birthday. I had a little get together at my home. Nothing big, but was fun. My friend Nina made me this cake. My husband is a fisherman and I am a surfer. So this is me surfing being chased by a Great White, as my husband in the boat hooked it. This cake is just the best. I think to date it is my favorite Birthday cake so far. Thank you Nina!

Not much else to write about.. just wanted to share this photo.

I am happy I am a surfer, because no matter how many birthdays I have.. Surfing keeps me young.


  1. Sorry I missed your birthday festivities :-(

    Love the cake, that is too funny and looks delicious :-)

  2. COUSIN!!!! You commented on my blog! I love ya! but you already know that! =-).. It is OK.. I totally understand.. but I did miss you!

  3. Your cake is totally amazing! Even better is that someone made it just for you! The last comment you made should go into the Quotable truths hall of fame! Surfing is the fountain of youth for sure!

  4. I LOVE YOUR CAKE! Happy belated birthday!