Saturday, December 5, 2009

It has been a while

So .. I guess I have not blogged in a bit. But life has been so busy. I did surf on Thanksgiving.. and it was so nice, not much of a swell barely any waves..but I caught and rode one in..and I was happy about that..
I was loving just being out in the water and watching and listening to what was going on around me.
I could not believe at 7:30 in the morning how packed Blackies was. It was so crowded in the parking lot and in the break.
But I found a spot close to the pier, where it was not crowded and met some really nice people.
So I was happy about that. I just liked being out, in my spring suit non the less. I was enjoying the Ocean and everything. I was happy just being out there, even though I only caught one wave. =-).. Hey I never set out to shred it up or do anything crazy.. I am happy to paddle out and hang out as long as I enjoy myself and have fun! To me that is all that matters!

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