Friday, July 31, 2009

Surfing Today

I must say I was a bit disappointed..not discouraged, but disappointed today. Did not stand, well I guess once...kind of. My pop up leaves a lot to be desired. I am slow. Also the surf was sooooo crowded. I can't wait to get my own board...(soon young grasshopper soon!), then I won't have to surf at crowded Blackies in Newport. ugggg. Seemed like a lot of old experienced long boarders were out.. but I have to say the tween's and those speed boards dominated. I feel so embarrassed to see the 10year boy whiz by me like he came out of the womb with a surfboard in tow. Yet here I am struggling to catch a wave... let alone stand. Not to mention this is the first time I brought my husband to watch me,, who told me I really sucked. I was great, thanks for the support honey. Now let me see you try this???? This really was not one of my better attempts at this sport. I guess you have your on days and your off!

If it sounds like I am complaining .... I am not. Two things.. (First) I am getting better, I see improvement in some things. Also there was a lady out there today who was a mom, maybe could be a grandma. She said she has been doing this for three years. I felt our surf ability was in the same ballpark.. I never saw her stand. She did catch a wave or two, and she kneed it. I kneed it a few times to, when I could get a wave.
(Second) A bad day surfing is better than not surfing. I was still in the water, still able to work on paddling, sitting on a board, watch the people who are popping up, and learning to judge the surf. Just watching and learning in general.
I was in the water for about an hour... I didn't feel like I was getting tired. It was really just too crowded. I don't think the last couple of times it was that crowded, and the surf in general was not so great. Last time I went out aabout a week ago last Wed. Surf was so much better. Right before the Big Swell. Some things seemed easier to me catching a wave.

Well it was only my 4th time out.. I don't know if I am on track or not. It would be nice if someone could tell me this.

But I do have some good news... my friend, surf teacher, and all around great person, Natalie. Called me last night to tell me she found a killer deal on a spring suit, my size. So today, after surfing, went to the store, found it, tried it on, bought it. My first suite. Ya is last years model.. or something like that, but I don't care, it is still brand new, Body Glove and was 40% off. Got it for under $50... Who's complaining.. not me.. I am stoked.. That made my day.

Next my own board...

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